Although the title says "Code Gears" and not a very convincing cover (so far)...

Priced at £34.99 at available on 12th October 2009 on 3-discs.
You can find the booklet scans for newly released Volume 8 over at moe.imouto and a summary with caps of Picture Drama Turn 22.05 at this blog and screencaps here.
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...if someone could translate? details in comments.
Coming out July 24th on DVD/Blu-ray.
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I came across this some minutes ago :D

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Like the previous season, R2 Volume 9's Limited Edition will come with a CLAMP-illustrated storage box. Volume 9 will be out April 24.

And coming out March 25th:
Code Geass R2 Sound Variety R18

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Whoo hoo! Got my DVDs today~ =.DDDD And like last time, here are pictures~

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Now, any news on the R2 DVDs??
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Photobucket has Volume 7's cover up. It will be on sale Feb 20.

They also added Volume 9's preorder page, but the only extra thing mentioned was a storage box.
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Here's the cover to R2 Volume 6. Two C.C.'s for everyone.
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Here's the cover of the next DVD. It'll be out Nov. 21st.
There's a larger scan at
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This time for real XD here it is the cover of the 3rd DVD and as we thougt, the characters are...

Gino is too cool!<3
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after being in the first place for one week, the first DVD for R2 dropped to second as gintama went to first :(

what do you mean i'm posting this here because i'm happy gintama got a higher ranking than code geass. that's bullshit :x
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After the first week of DVD sales:
1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Vol. 1
2. Aria the Origination Navigation Volume 5
3. Junjou Romantica LE Volume 2
4. Soul Eater Volume 1
5. To Love-Ru Volume 2
(credits ann)
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Hi! :D
I'm here again with DVD covers (their samples, at least XD)!  Ok, They're just postcards, but enjoy! ^-^

cdJapan has posted the cover for the upcoming DVD releease of Code Geass R2.

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Similar poses to the Season 1 Vol 1 DVD.
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The official website updated their DVD and Blu-ray pages with a little more info and images HERE.

Code Geass R2 DVD/Blu-ray Volume 1
Release Date: August 22
Includes Turn 1 (one episode)
1. First screening report
2. Picture Drama
3. Freebie Flash "BABA theater"
4. Illustration Album
5. Audio commentary

First Press goods
1. 8 CLAMP-illustrated postcards featuring the ending images
2. CD - Rebellion Diary R2 version
3. 16 page CLAMP-character sketch booklet

Season one will also start to be re-released on Blu-ray starting August 22.

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Already a day after starting R2, the homepage have DVD and Blu-Ray releases announced.

Release dates set for August 22 2008.

Code Geass R2 DVD #1 extras
(corrections are welcome)
:: 8 postcards with EP1 CLAMP illustrations.
:: CD "Diary of GYAKU (?) Q&A"
:: Behind the scenes of premiere of March screening event.
:: New picture drama
:: "Theatre BABA"
:: Picture gallery (?)
:: 16 page booklet
:: Audio commentary (?)

Pre-orders on cdJapan on DVD / Blu-ray

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Hey all~
I was wondering if anyone had a larger and better quality version of this picture. I need it for reference and I looked through the past entries but I couldn't find any better quality pic.

My greatest gratitude to anyone who's willing to help!! :D


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