With my almighty skill at googling, I have found what appears to be an online streaming video of the picture drama from the Kiseki no Birthday DVD.

It was very slow to load for me - understandable, given it's almost 28 minutes long - but other people might have better luck, and it does have the whole Picture Drama.

Anyone care to translate any or all of it?

A couple of mildly spoilery comments on the picture drama )

There was also this little piece of WTF, also from the Birthday DVD.

I've yet to find a stream of the new Geass project trailer, sorry.

ETA: The site hosting the video seems to be down at the moment. Hopefully it'll be back before too long.

So, in order to entertain you while you wait, have a Spinzaku gif. (Yes, this was actually part of the picture drama):
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ETA2: Okay, if you can work out how to register to NantokaDouga (I managed to do it with Google Translate, so it's not that difficult), the picture drama can be found here. And [livejournal.com profile] aya_kari might be offering to upload it, so it's viewable at a less problematic source.
sincere: DGM: Lenalee's back to the viewer ([cg-suza/euphy] perfect clarity)
So, I fully translated the last R2 picture drama back here a while ago, and someone asked me to translate some others, and I was bored so I thought, what the hell.

I skipped the first picture drama, since someone has already fansubbed that, and didn't realize the second picture drama might also be on the DVDs coming out in July, ehehe. So here's 2-4 and 9 instead...

R2 Picture Drama 2: Wherein Suzaku is a monster. | link to video
R2 Picture Drama 3: Wherein Kallen wears a lovely dress. | link to video
R2 Picture Drama 4: Wherein Lelouch wears a lovely dress. | link to video
R2 Picture Drama 9: Wherein everyone lives happily ever after? | link to video
[Spoiler] code geass dvd vol.9 last picture drama screen shot from animeSuki.com user bladeofdarkness!
and 茶々子 さん

Edited: more shots )
Few scans and a brief synopsis of what it contains here. As you can see, many thanks to blottyparchment for the update. As for the first image, what has been told of it is that it's a shot of Lelouch's ideal world thing we all read about in a news article.

I haven't checked 2ch, but kanameclan's blog has photos of the new PASH! mook already

With some pics from Illust Drama 08 (seen in the interview with Taniguchi) and Illust Drama 09

(You know it took me at least 1 second to realise that is Suzaku in the 2nd pic;...)

Since, as far as I know, there are no download links about the last picture drama (the one about Rolo and Lelouch) ;_; I thought you might be intersted in seeing this video I found on NicoNico since, at the beginning, you can see a bit of it.


Warning: to see video on NicoNico you need to log...
I found them in 2chan!!! >__< So, if you want to cry...

Big images under the cut )
As for Picture Dramas, what I thought was right, because in the next one (after the one dedicated to Lelouch and Rolo) there's one when C.C, Cecile, Lloyd and Jeremiah talk the night before the Zero Requiem started. In the last one the members of the Student Council will gather.

The source is this.

I'd like to know if for the student council they intend Gino and Anya too and I'm hoping they don't.

It was announced on the official site that the picture drama for vol. 7 would be...

Nii-san <3 )
Once again, hoping this is properly translated, BUT ANYWAY!!

Thought that I should share... the Picture Book 23.95 had been subbed by Captain Capslock (CC) group after GG sort of dropped it. The torrents already out.


Please leave a few days if the FileFront link not working. It's a big file after all. Or else... just use the Mediafire one. 
Yes, I am your resident translator that translates things that are only Suzaku-centric. [Suzaku retard, okay?!]

Beware of the Angst )
Hi guys!~ The caps of the 9th picture drama are out courtesy of the fine people at 2ch, which of course means sharing time. Yeay.

Pretend this is witty and/or meaningful. )
Good early evening!~ The 8th DVD is out in Japan and with it, of course, comes our first glimpse at its accompanying picture drama. Child Lelouch, Nunnally and Euphie centric!

We also have a name for our special, special Emperor --> Charles di Britannia.

20-some caps behind this cut. )

I think someone posted caps and a translation. I didn't find this in the tags, sooooo

Torrent to raw file

SS d/l

Thought this was cute.
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For those in Japan, you can subscribe to this cell phone game.
C.C.'s Road to Pizza. ^_^
Here's a translation to the Picture Drama 9.33. XD; It's pure crack.

Suzaku...your character.. )
I'm not sure...Is this for another picture drama CD? Lol, I hope so.>.< I'll edit it when I know for sure. But omg, cosplay && crossdressing-filled awesomness =]]..But why is their no C.C. the cosplay queen >.<?

Source at: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=2000121&topic=36837563&page=18

the 5th picture drama, stage 4.33 is out from gg! :D


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