Good early evening!~ The 8th DVD is out in Japan and with it, of course, comes our first glimpse at its accompanying picture drama. Child Lelouch, Nunnally and Euphie centric!

We also have a name for our special, special Emperor --> Charles di Britannia.

20-some caps behind this cut. )

I think someone posted caps and a translation. I didn't find this in the tags, sooooo

Torrent to raw file

SS d/l

Thought this was cute.
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For those in Japan, you can subscribe to this cell phone game.
C.C.'s Road to Pizza. ^_^
HI GUYS I'm kind of spamming you today, but the screens for the sixth picture drama (aka the one with SWIMSUITS) are out and they are. So. Damned. Awesome. OMFG.

Streaming video. (Requires an account)

Red arrows are not the work of Jen. XD

... nice swimsuits, Cornelia and Darlton. )
Code Geass Picture Drama (5th) - 4.33 [RAW]

Download links )
Mediafire (uploaded by [ profile] brennadouglasmw. You will have to add .mkv at the end.)

I didn't see this when I browsed the tags. Sorry for repost if I missed an untagged post (would appreciate if you told me!).
Err Hey guys. I know this is kind of an odd question but does anyone know where I can find Raws of Geass? I'm especially looking for the early stuff. I'm during a project with them and I really don't want Subtitles on the bottom. Any active torrents or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Shinsen does seem to want to be more competitive in the lately developing CG fansubbing race.
Torrent here.

And for those who prefer S^M raws for you go..
Torrent for episode 23 raw.

Go go go! XD
Hi! I found (the HQ raw) on eien-acg! I'm already timming the Picture Drama 03 (a few lines more and the typsetting and it's done!) so I'll upload it later :P (about 30-45 mins later :P) See ya! ^_^
I've been unable to find a dvd rip of this picture book, but I went ahead and converted a flv video to avi (320x240). A translation script can be found here. ♥

Code Geass: Picture Drama stage 6.75 [avi]

Download Links
You can get it (here)!

PD: Seems that the tracker is down so I uploaded it on Mininova. Here
Wow, I'm just the obnoxious link chick today. Uh, while I'm at it, anyone want to tell me the time frame on Marianne's death and Japan's invasion? Ten years ago and seven years ago...?

Episode 19 Raw is up from Saiyaman:


And could I possibly make a request for a DDL?

[profile] crazythorn was kind enough to upload DDL :)
Thank you!


I went to saiyaman's page to see if they had Naruto Shippudden 3 XD but I found something better! Yay! Code Geass 18 RAW! ^_^ (go here!) And also... CG Picture Drama 02!! (go here!). Expect TONS of fanservice on this one =P (I haven't watched yet CG 18, because Naruto got in the way =P) Maybe I manage to translate the Picture Drama (like last time hehe!) but currently I'm in exams. Let's see ... I don't have time until saturday? TT_TT sorry!
Mmmh...first time posting here.
So I've come with a few gifts - BT links for the freshly aired ep16 - which has brought its own lot of little developments and foreshadowing points.

- [CP-Raws] Code Geass 16 [640x440].avi
- [Saiyaman] CODE GEASS -Lelouch of the Rebellion- 16 RAW.avi

Here are screencaps.

Youtube link. (looks like there is a blip with the sound near the end)

if you have a better quality video, please comment ^__^.

The first DVD is out today. The extras look nice.


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