Hey guys, nice holidays to all of you! We wanted to share with you our 2011 Geass photos :) There's a little cosplay video featuring the !!sad!! moments of Lelouch's and Suzaku's friendship as well :D

Code Geass: Sensibility by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

Code Geass: Euphemia's Pain by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

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Hi there :)

I'd like to share with you my and my friends latest work - Code Geass cosplay from Mutuality (from the art with C.C. in red dress). Actually it is video with our cosplay skit from convention.

DreaMHunteR (me) as a C.C. in red dress.
Lelouch is cosplayed by Aka.
There is also young C.C. - Zushi :3

Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_NPMIvZ5po :) The video is a little too dark ... :( Hope you can see anything... Some things are invisible - for example Lelouch's scar under the mask when C.C. take it and that C.C. is behind the "mirror" (later she's replaced by young C.C.).

We decided to choose Phantom of the Opera becouse those costumes are a little like from this musical...

Anyway I hope you like it.  I hope we will have some photoshoot soon with those costumes...
I want to share our work with you ;D

Code Geass Mutuality Shoot

Photos by mistlel
Costume by Aka

CG : We rise or fall by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

Hey guys! :3
We recently had a shoot with little Lelouch, Marianne and C.C. It was our biggest wish to be able to have a chibi Lelouch one day and it finally came true! All of the costumes were made by us and we accidently had a shoot at the same place they film the new Three Musketeers now (with Orlando Bloom and everyone...) :D (W├╝rzburg, Germany) I hope you like the photos!

Code Geass: Family Portrait by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

Code Geass: Hurricane by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

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We cosplayed Code Geass at Connecticon 2010, Our cosplay pics are under the cut

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Hi me and my sister when to anime boston 2010 as code geass and we have some photos to show you we were C.C. and Euphemia

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Mao is so severe, and his insanity is so undeniable, that he isn't able to perceive anything else except his beautiful witchprincess. Therefore this experimental photoset to all of us should be spent in the Matrix. Here we have closed doors, walls of glass, invisible objects and weather conditions that can be felt (because they are there), but could not be seen. Here you can drink from a cup floating in the air. In short, we have presented what it is like - when there is NOTHING around you except your beloved woman.

Of course, it is a tragedy when such a thing happens, but it happens in real life, we know.

MORE. Maybe this is a story about a very young boy who fell in love in childhood with not-a-young lady and became insane... )

C.C. - Lucien Fleurier
Mao - Rimmer
Photographer - Nomad
Photos edited by - Kouji-Alone
Helper - Vaimarin
Idea - Kouji-Alone & Lucien Fleurier
Thanks to ha~te for translation of the text into Japanese.

All these photos can be seen on my Deviantart in big size. In full-size they look better. :)
"Have you already awakened from your dreams?"

C.C. @ Ayuayu
Nunnally vi Britannia (Mutuality artwork version) @ Yang

Photos from my first photoshoot of 2010, hope you all like it. :)

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This year I went to DTAC as C.C. in one of her season 1 outfits. I was lucky enough to find a Zero to nab pics with.

-CLICK for more photos-
Hey guys!
The year 2009 is almost over and 2010 is going to be awesome for us Code Geass fans <3 And we almost have Christmas which is awesome as well!
So here are our Lelouch&C.C. Christmas photoshoot and some photos we've made 2009 :3

We hope you like it!

Code Geass: Stille Nacht by ~Green-Makakas on deviantART

Code Geass: Kiss Kiss by ~Green-Makakas on deviantART

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Here are some cosplay pictures of an Emperor Lelouch, Knight of Zero Suzaku, Prisoner Nunnally, Emperor Charles, and C.C.

Hope you enjoy!
( Innocence before the fall... )
Hey guys, here's our photoshoot with Lelouch, C.C., Suzaku, Shirley and Nunnally we did last week. We'll be happy if you like it :3


Code Geass: I Belong To You
by ~Green-Makakas on deviantART

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Kallen and C.C. random photo shoot. This is just a couple of the images I took. It was a lot of fun, except for the few annoying non-anime fans bothering us. *glares at them*

(Fake Cut because I'm too lazy to type it all again)
I need help in finding the original scans for this costume of C.C and Lelouch, I heard it was from animage but i couldn't find it. My info may be wrong but if there are any scans on this costume, please help.
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I went to Otakon and got pics of both photoshoots, (and also a couple of us CG cosplayers screwing around) so here they are:

(Fake cut, lol)

I had a blast, and like others, I am now wondering why I have to return to a normal life. :(

Hi there! I have 9 costumes of Lelouch. How do you think, which of them fits me the best? Please, vote on my page!

And meanwhile we have some new summer photos!

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Hey hey! I am selling four cosplays over at my LJ, and no they aren't Code Geass, but I am willing to trade them for anything C.C. So why not take a look if you have a C.C. cosplay your no longer interested in ^^ Click if your possibly interested.
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Moar cosplay pics, ftw.

Honestly, I hadn't thought of putting these up on LJ until I noticed other people doing it. So I went, "Oh...What a cool idea. Why not? =D" So, here they are.

These were taken at animeNEXT (nearly a month ago, wtf). I happened to run into a C.C. (the same you'll see in the photos) who was kind enough to ask me to tag along as Lelouch at a private photoshoot she was having Friday evening. I had such a great time and the photos turned out lovely, so I figured I might as well share a few.


As far as I'm aware, there's no image size limit as long as it's under cut. =D )
~~C.C. goodness, myself as C.C., and I wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy ^^;;
Here is a preview.

C.C. Pajama Cospaly )
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