Decent quality, lightly used wig and costume needed!  The measurements need to be around these, give or take a few cm!

Bust- 88 cm
Waist- 76 cm
Hip- 100 cm -> This measurement shouldn't matter as much since the dress is very poofy and full at the bottom!

For the wig I'm looking for something in that really pretty rosey pink color. : )

I would also be willing to purchase the girl school uniform.

Please contact me with pictures and asking price. : ) Shipping within the USA preferred.

Thanks in advance!

Contact me here or email me at KingTamakiSuoh [ at ]
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Hey guys, nice holidays to all of you! We wanted to share with you our 2011 Geass photos :) There's a little cosplay video featuring the !!sad!! moments of Lelouch's and Suzaku's friendship as well :D

Code Geass: Sensibility by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

Code Geass: Euphemia's Pain by *Green-Makakas on deviantART

+17 photos under the cut & a cosplay video )
We cosplayed Code Geass at Connecticon 2010, Our cosplay pics are under the cut

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Hello! [ profile] fadedfeathers and I had a cosplay shoot not too long ago, and I finally got the photos and went through them all. Pretty professional quality, and I'm super-happy with them. :3 Comments welcome!


( but soft, what light— )
Hi me and my sister when to anime boston 2010 as code geass and we have some photos to show you we were C.C. and Euphemia

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Today was a randomly glorious snowday, so [ profile] fadedfeathers and I had a party and threw on our Suzaku and Euphie wigs and took pictures in the snow. Caution for dorkiness and the fact that we were getting progressively wetter. Wigs are still mildly in-progress.

Um, hi guys! This is only my second post here..and the first where I'm posting cosplay pictures. My friends and I had a fun little photoshoot in our Lelouch, Suzaku, and Euphemia cosplays at a local convention a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share them with everyone! ^_^ I'm the Euphie, RealitySandwich is Lelouch, and ThePinkFury is Suzaku. We also took all of the pictures ourselves, by just handing the camera off to whoever wasn't in in the shot! XD


In the summertime, when the weather is fine~ )
I went to Otakon and got pics of both photoshoots, (and also a couple of us CG cosplayers screwing around) so here they are:

(Fake cut, lol)

I had a blast, and like others, I am now wondering why I have to return to a normal life. :(

A Cornelia and Euphemia photoshoot made by our group in Schloß Brühl. We've always thought there is not enough of Corni and Euphie sister love :3

CG: Sisters
by ~Green-Makakas on deviantART

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My best friend, Arashi-chan and I cosplayed as Euphie and C.C. at last weekend's Sakuracon in Hungary. We won the cosplay contest. ^^ Both dresses were made by Arashi-chan.

I thought to share some photos with the fandom~

Follow here~

SO I'm exceptionally Lazy and finally decided posting pictures from Anime St. Louis was a good idea.

I posted our Skit earlier but now here's pictures.Geass is like Crack and crack makes us do funny things... PICTURE HEAVY WARNING )

Hello everybody <3

Here I show you my new Cosplayphotos of Euphemia <3


More here
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ext_336061: (knight king)

For my Survey of Dramatic Literature class we were given the option of making a "movie trailer" for one of the plays we read in class. I chose Hamlet since it's one of my favorites, and as a special twist I decide to make it a Code Geass rendition of Hamlet (my professor was already expecting me to make it anime-related somehow.. last semester, I helped me friend with the same project and we did a Death Note rendition of the play "A Doll's House", which he loved).

Hope you don't mind if I share the trailer?? I'm... kinda proud of it, teehee~  =]

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My friend and I, we did a shooting of our Code Geass cosplay this weekend, and I thought about sharing the pictures with you, maybe you like them. We had sure a lot of fun =D
Location is Germany, Nuremberg, on our castle.
Zero / Lelouch Lamperouge => myself
Euphemia li Britannia => Zelos
My Niisan :)

Click for pic =D )

Hope you like it =D!!
From Russia. My cosplay of Euphemia Li Britannia.
Photographer - Moolty
With best wishes for you.

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Last NDK, a group of friends and I did a Geass skit. However, we really didn't have a chance to get good photos of our costumes because 4+ hours in huge heels tends to make one cranky and not very photogenic. However, we FINALLY got a chance to do an actual shoot and I thought I would share with the community. Click on the sample picture to be taken to the rest of the set. I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays!

Hope you like this pictures as much as the others <3!
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Now I will show you my Code Geass Cosplays <3

I hope you like them!


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