We knew before that an Akito costume would appear in Tales of Xillia 2, but it looks like there will be several more costumes!

See this link for more details and pictures: http://gematsu.com/2012/10/tales-of-xillia-2-at-machi-asobi-code-geass-and-madoka-magica-dlc-detailed-ludgers-voice-more
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Geass gumlines
Can someone tell me exactly the lines that were included in the gums and why Kallen's line was never mentioned in the series?
Also, was it only C.C., Nunally, Rolo and Kallen or was it more characters?Tried to search it in older entries but I did not find anything.
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Once upon a time, I read that in the original version of R2, Shirley was supposed to live the whole way through and eventually start a relationship with Lelouch. The final episodes of the series centered around the Black Knights HeadQuarters being invaded by Britannia, so Lelouch decides to consumnate the relationship during the final moments available to him; there was a lengthy and fairly explicit sex scene planned between Lelouch and Shirley in the final episode. Suzaku breaks into the room and stabs Lelouch from behind while they're in the middle of intercourse, however, slaying his best friend during his happiest moments (Shirley breaks down in tears afterwards, a role that was recycled with Nunnally in the officially-aired R2).

Does anyone know if what I read is true? I love R2 the way it is, but I have to admit this would have been an interesting ending and I'd have liked to see the fandom's response to it.
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"In the deciding battle for the mainland, the Britannian forces introduced the humanoid autonomous battle armoured knight known as the Knightmare Frame into actual combat." — DVD subtitles

"In the deciding battle for the mainland, Britannian forces introduced into combat the humanoid autonomous armoured knight, known as the Knightmare Frame." — English dub

Surprise! We just unveiled giant robots that can shoot you.

Marianne Lamperouge's history and the development of Knightmare Frames are difficult for me to reconcile, despite having watched this thing eight times, read and watched much of the C-canon (picture dramas, most of the novels, DVD booklets), and even a lot of the S-canon (manga that in a few places didn't directly contradict the show). The Code Geass Wiki has also been helpful, reminding me of things I've forgotten and telling me things that I never knew.

Basically, this is my problem: If Knightmare Frames were introduced into actual combat in 2010, how could Marianne vi Britannia have been a hotshot knightmare pilot in 2009 and earlier?

I guess that Britannia used more conventional means to conquer Areas 1 through 10, and I realise that the Knightmare Frame did not become a weapon in its earliest generations, but the Knights of the Round seem to have been around first, and Marianne definitely duelled Waldstein before her untimely death. If, indeed, she was in the Knights of the Round when she met Charles, for how many of the eleven or more years before the Second Pacific War did she test-pilot the third-generation Ganymede? And if these machines used by the most honoured knights of this world-conquering nation were used in an assault for the first time in Japan, I wonder if the first ten hard-fought wars could have been made a lot easier.

That said, I don't recall seeing any weapons on the Ganymede that weren't put there by some Einstein, so could all of Marianne's Knight of Sixiness and duelling been without Knightmare Frames? After all, I did see her with a horse in the flashback in R2e21.

Please correct anything I've misstated. If you can shed any more light on this, I'd be appreciative!

Edit: Here is what I have learnt in the comments to this post.
[livejournal.com profile] unedited: "Marianne was awarded knighthood because of her skill piloting the third-generation prototype Ganymede."
[livejournal.com profile] otakukeith: "It seems to be established that she was a badass hand-to-hand fighter - in the novels, she dual-wields swords, kills the former Knight of One in single combat during a rebellion against Charles, and can beat Cornelia, Nonette and Beatrice (a character who I think was a failed KoR candidate and became their liason officer thingy) by herself."
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I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or a happy holiday if you're not into that) and I hope you guys proceed to have a happy New Year! I'm posting a day early because I feel like it! >O And because, as it turns out, I have to go on a nice little drive tomorrow and the roads are supposed to be icy so I figured I'd get it out of the way now. <3

Stage 8: The Order of the Black Knights

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Next time:
Stage 9: Refrain
Episode 7: コーネリアを撃て
Attack Cornelia!
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So [livejournal.com profile] gods_debris is sick this week, so I'm doing the weekly post instead. I'll try to keep it fairly similar to our regularly scheduled programming (and I'll post the Weekly Points as a comment).

Episode 6: 奪われた仮面
The Stolen Mask

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Episode 5: 皇女と魔女
The Imperial Princess and the Witch

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So... I thought yesterday was Wednesday and today was Thursday until my boyfriend came home and was totally psyched about it being Friday... to which I replied, "It's Thursday." And he rebuttaled with, "No, it's not. Don't even try." At that point I picked up my phone and turned it on so that I could see the date... sure enough, today is Friday. Talk about being completely out of it. I'm sorry, guys. :( That's my failure icon for myself.

Episode 4: その名はゼロ
"The Name is Zero"

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Currently not at home and I’m using my mother’s laptop. I was unable to take screenshots. I apologize! I’ll add them on Monday/Tuesday.

Episode 3 Discussion!

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Stage 2: 覚醒の白き騎士
The Awakening of the White Knight

Code Geass: Episode 2 Discussion )
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Sorry for posting this so early. I just know I will not have time all day on Thursday (well, technically where I am it is Thursday...). This isn't the normal for me--I'm your standard stay-at-home girlfriend at the moment--so this won't happen frequently. I'm so excited for this! I hope a lot of people participate. I'll check the comments Thursday night if I can talk my mother into letting me borrow her computer. :)

For those of you who haven't gotten the episode yet, check out the information I posted here. Anyways, onward!

Code Geass Episode 1: The Day The Evil God Was Born )
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The past 4 days I rewatched the entire Code Geass series (1st and 2nd) because my boyfriend had never seen it and Dan (one of his friends who has seen it) and I were making a lot of Code Geass references; and well... eventually my boyfriend's curiosity got the best of him and he decided he wanted to watch it.

But that's when I got an idea. I'm also a memeber of the Slayers anime community and a while back they had initiated a rerun schedule where they would watch an episode once every other day or once a week (I can't remember) and at the end of the day the person who set it up would post some screenshots from the episode and talk about some of their thoughts... what they forgot about, what they really liked, etc. Other members who decided to take part could post comments about what they liked as well.

So I was going to propose, as a community, we could rewatch the series. Perhaps one episode a week would be fine? It means it will take about a year to complete since there are 52 weeks in a year. In the first series there is a total of 25 episodes since 25 and 26 were combined into a 46 minute episode and in the second series there is exactly 25 episodes... meaning 50 total.

The rules are simple: if you choose to participate you do not move ahead of the schedule and watch the following episode. You must wait until the next week.

Lemme know if anyone is interested! Sorry about this sounding a bit wordy and rushed. I'm in a hurry but I wanted to get this out there because it was bugging me lol.
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Does anyone know if it's mentioned anywhere what kind of shrine the Kururugi Shrine is? If not, what kind of shrine would it be? Buddhist or Shinto? Could it be both? I know that many Japanese practice both religions.
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"Geass is a powerful contract between a human and an immortal. It can either be a blessing or a curse. If one aligns to the contract, his Geass powers will become stronger. If he disobey the contract, he will be punished. In Code Geass Hangyaku 1st season, the characters' powers are too much for them to handle."

What is your geass?

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Brought up in this thread here:


*cut & paste*

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Thoughts? Opinions? ^__^
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Do we know if there is or isn't censorship in the homeland or in the taken over Numbers?

I was wondering because of a fanfic I was writing. I was going to use a song from Wicked the musical in a certain scene, and it occurred to me it either might not exist, or possible be banned.
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Does any character's age (e.g. Lelouch, C.C., Euphemia, Tianzi) have a bearing on your enjoyment of Code Geass? Positive or negative?
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Do you think that Lelouch loved someone romantically in the end?There have been hints with C.C., Shirley and Kallen.Personally i think that the staff was going with C.C. and Lelouch in the first season and in the second they took the route for Lelouch and Kallen.Shirley was in school and it was hard in the first place.
What is your opinion?
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