Hello there! My name is Sai, and I make fandom amigurumi for the fun of it. I recently made some Code Geass dolls and I figured it would be acceptable to show the pictures of them. Before posting I read through the rules and it said nothing against fan-crafts--just non-sucky pictures/art. So...  I think they're quite cute, if I do say so myself. I have a Lelouch and Suzaku that just need to have their hair added. I'll probably get pictures of them up on another day. 

Euphemia and C.C. in ami form )
Anyway, thank you so very much for looking and I hope you like them!
I happened upon this piece of art tonight.


Could someone please help me come up to speed on what exactly this is? I've only tagged it as fanart because I'm completely unsure where it came from.
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Hello everyone one.
I've create two doll for C.C.
One, when she is young, and the second when she is adult.
Hope you'll like them!

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Hello everyone, delurking to let loose a crushing tsunami of fail art. P-please be kind to me asldkjfasdf. OTL

Follow the Rolo down the rabbit hole! )
Happy Holidays everyone

Click here.
Hey guys I know Halloween is comming soon so I am going to share with you guys some Code Geass Halloween things

Click me for fanart of C.C. all ready for Halloween.

Click me for a Fun Code Abridged Halloween Special.
I redid the bag that I aways bring to cons, and this time I have a cute pic of C.C. on it.

click here.
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I will go to a convention in two weeks. And it´s custom there to draw and write in other visitors´ Con-books. However, I can´t draw under pressure or when other people look over my shoulders. So I picked the next solution. I will make stickers for their books and write a nice text for them.

The following fanart is the first of my 5 planned chibi arts. ^^ I hope I will manage at least three of them.

The power of cutness! )
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Hi, first time posting here. I seem to have accumulated some Code Geass fanart since falling in love with the series late last year, so I thought I'd share them here.

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Click to see the picture!
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Well...this is a "slight" OOC C.C with random sparkles and all that stuff.
I'm at home and sick and have nothing else to do, so this is the result of unhealthy boredom and delusions.
Next time there will be a SuzaLulu (porn)doujin - hopefully.

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Thought I might as well post this here seeing as how I'm uber proud of it an all xD

R2!C.C. fanart~ cutcutcut )
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Did two more geass chibis and a luluko ^_^
hope you like them~

OMG it's the three musketeers with the most impossible thing: Lelouch wielding a sword oO!

This is somewhat related to C.C. so why not post it here?

Moe {Mo-eh} - A love or fetish for a fictional character. Usually used to describe cuteness.

I'm campaigning for C.C. in the International SaiMoe League. It's a moe contest. C.C. has so far gone with a 2-0 record, and I wish to make that a 3-0 record.

C.C. is currently in First place in overall ranking and I also wish to keep it that way. So please vote for her!


She is against Yuki Nagato, a person who she has lost to 2 times last year. So lets turn this around and make her finally win!

Pictures for Motivation )

This has been posted in the LelouchXC.C., and the C.C. community.

I am so sorry if this is not allowed, I will remove the fanart if that is the case.
I finally got this shit done after days of putting it off. Needed the much asked for kick in the brain to get this going and mocha, but, finally got to it. Another one is in the works, but... We'll leave that off for later. 8D

Clicky on the preview, please! ♥


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