Title: Mosaic
Pairing(s): SuzakuxKaguya, SuzakuxKallen, SuzakuxEuphemia, SuzakuxNunnally, others hinted. Strong Suzaku + Lelouch friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes it takes a while to find all of the pieces of happiness.
Notes: Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] otakukeith’s bunny at [livejournal.com profile] cg_adopt_bunny.

( Mosaic )

Title: Five Things Lelouch Learned From His Mother - And One Thing He Didn't
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Summary: What it says in the title.

( Five Things Lelouch Learned From His Mother )

From [profile] cgkinkmeme:

Title: Emperor's Reward
Pairing(s): LelouchxSuzakuxKallenxGino
Rating: NC-17 - NOT WORKSAFE
Summary: AU. Emperor Lelouch is working too hard. Three members of the Rounds decide to change that.
Notes: Written for the first Code Geass kink meme, originally posted here.

( Emperor's Reward )

Title: Roommates at Pendragon
Pairing(s): Girl!Lelouch/Suzaku
Rating: NC-17 - NOT WORK SAFE
Summary: 'Lelouch' and Suzaku go to an all boys school. Except...Lelouch is a girl.
Note: Written for the original Code Geass kink meme here.

( Roommates at Pendragon )
Hello everyone, delurking to let loose a crushing tsunami of fail art. P-please be kind to me asldkjfasdf. OTL

Follow the Rolo down the rabbit hole! )

New...fanart, doujin, born from some delirium with friends
Totally crack~ish, and totally new for me
Wakamoto pwns and All Hail britannia !
(And this comm needs a new tag for doujin~)

The Real power of the King~~ It's in the blood

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OMG it's the three musketeers with the most impossible thing: Lelouch wielding a sword oO!

I drew Lulu and C.C. to celebrate Valentine's day....haha....><....

Here's the  link to my DA since I fail at LJ cutting.....

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How was yours? Get everything you wanted?

Happy Holidays, code_geass! )
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Hi~! It's my first post in the community, and I come with fan art! ...Or more like line art since I didn't color it. ^^;; And I drew Tianzi.

You can see it here at my lj. ^^
Hope you like it.
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I was poking around on deviant art and found some cute short comics someone made. Perhaps someone posted this already, but if anything I think it's worth being posted again.

image behind cut and then link to the short comics )

Enjoy :)

P.S. I hope I tagged this correctly. If not, I apologize in advance.

I accidently didn't write an html code properly. I have fixed it so that now the link to the original artist's site now shows.
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Lelouch of Britannia: Chapter 16 - The Price of Victory
Genre: Drama, Tragedy
Length: 4300 Words
Preview: "What sort of gentleman lets the lady bring him flowers instead?"

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Sharing some of my latest works

preview and link under the cut )
Althought the major part of Finale-inspired stuff still lays uncoloured, I've managed to have a consistent update of Code Geass Gallery at our website, and I'd love to share with the comm.

sample under the cut )

you'll find the complete gallery on Code Geass page @ AlloZoo

Again, we are looking for affiliates ! ^^
Turn 25 killed off any hopes I had for studying. Hooray. D:

I hope I tagged this right...

Random Five Minute Doodle

Ahaha. This isn't really a spoiler. I just drew this to use as a quick reference for drawing the second picture, but it came out funny-looking so I'm putting this up too. XD

I need more practice with Copics...;_; )

On a brighter note...
...a quick pic I drew of what some people wished for the ending...? OTL|||

somewhat of a spoiler )
This week, before turn25, I imagined the alternative end "made in Clamp" for Lelouch.
It is a crossover XXXHolic / Codes Geass.
For Clamp's fan, only....

Sorry for my poor English !
I am French, and as many French, I speak only about French... ^^
Sorry for this translation.... T__T

here @ my LJ

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With the final episode looming ever nearer, I've decided it's about time I stop lurking and contribute something to this comm.
So here's some art. :3

4 pictures under the cut )
Simply I like him..And that's why I wanted to draw him )
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[livejournal.com profile] lijianliang did such an awesome job with her genderbending that I wanted to try some too. xD

Cornelius, Guilfordina, Charlotte, Marianno, Schneizelina, Euphemius, Sayohiko, Tianzi-kun, Xingke-tan, Kaguya-kun, some Luluko and Suzako )

In conclusion, genderbending Code Geass does NOT, in fact, cut back on slash. I think it adds more potential to the femslash...
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Someone really should retell the entire Code Geass story with nearly all characters' gender reversed. It would be epic. Would Luluko get as far as Lelouch did? Would she be able to amass a reversed harem? Oh Geass Yes!


I tried drawing the characters like the fade-in/out multi-character scenes from season 1's opening sequence. I haven't drawn one for the Britannian cast since it means designing new royal costumes for most of them.

Note: Please edit the tags if I used the wrong ones

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Ummm, hi. New person. And, I offer fanart? I just got into doing fanart for this series recently and. And. Uh. That. Hi to all. (mods, plz to be kicking me if I have the wrong tags.)

2 x Suzaku + Lelouch, 1 x Nunnally.


And fake cut to entry here. Thanks for looking o/


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