Oh, dear! I almost forgot to update you guys with the pictures of these cuties! I finished them weeks ago, but just forgot to put them up on livejournal! Please accept my apologies via adorable amigurumis!

Cut for pictures of Suza and Lulu :3 )

As suggested by [livejournal.com profile] arsenfreya ... I drew this "all the things" meme to go with my screenshot mashups I posted previously.

It was kind of a milestone for me because I've been on a long hiatus from drawing. I'm hoping that Code Geass will continue to inspire me to get over my artblocks and that I can draw something more serious in the near future.
Hey guys!

Scribblestorm allowed me to do a little fan art for her Geass Noir fic! If you're interested in seeing it, come to my journal. We can have tea and a nice chat, if you like haha .


oh yeah, it's safe, no need to shield any innocent eyes.
Was mucking around a little on iScribble and in came the topic of Code Geass :D, which then prompted me to draw a Lelouch fanart, I was curious how'd I go about drawing him. XD He's so awesome I didn't wanna damage his character. <D
I was surprisingly pleased with how it came out. :D First time drawing Lelouch and all, I don't think I got his confidence nailed down but it sort of looks like him yeah? Just without his smexy attitude. T^T


image )

So, what do you think? (Ignoring the fail hand and chess piece. Why can't I draw chess pieces??? WHY? DX)
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I just made a new lockscreen/background for my iPod touch out of this fanart and I wanted to share :3

nya~ )
I should have posted this on Valentine's Day but I forgot orz!!

Warning : BL but just shounen-ai rate ^^;

Preview is my icon...

Will you be my Valentine..? )
I think this is the first time I've posted art here, hum. Anyway, sort of Lelouch/Suzaku? Safe for work, though another picture in the post is less so. Preview link goes to my journal.

I wanted to draw something pink and glowing so it came out to be this...

The preview is my avatar. =P

beware : some BL in the pictures )
Happy new year 2010!! Wishing you a great-great year.. ^v^v


Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!! )
Happy Holidays everyone

Click here.
1205 : Lulu' s birthday
I have nothing for him but this picture. <3


I wish you a happy birthday!! )
This is a picture inspired by the doujinshi I read few days ago. I had never drawn girl Lulu before and I found that it was so enjoyable to draw him like this. lollollol


Follow the link to my DA. My comments are also there.

I forgot to post some graffiti I drew last week. I drew Lulu and Rolo in separated graffiti' s canvas and linked them together. ^^

Graffiti over here )
Thank you. :D
This is what I get for taking a nap in the middle of the day I miss out on getting first punch! Any ways I blame [livejournal.com profile] drakyndra it was her request that got this started ;)


Whoa there Batzaku! )
It may be too early for halloween but I plan to do more art work for halloween so I decided to make this early.

Click on the picture to my DA. My comment is also there. ;P


Happy Halloween!!

I was bored and drew Luluko with....

Don't hit me please LOL

Since I suck at LJ cut I will just post the linK: http://jigokupopo.deviantart.com/art/Luluko-and-Me-140012546
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This is my first time posting here after delurking for a long time. ^^;

I drew this for Zero Requiem day but finished so late due to work loads.

Preview :

The full image is at my DA. You can also read my comment there.
Thanks for watching. ^p^
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