A little something that I felt like drawing, related to TURN 13:21... It's worksafe :3

You can read it under the "comics -> CODE GEASS R2" header :3

It's nothing great, but I hope that you'll enjoy it ^_^
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After my abysmal efforts last year this year I put a little more thought into my Xingke Birthday art :)

Happy Birthday Xingke! )
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Happy Holidays everyone

Click here.
For my first ever convention I decided that I wanted to cosplay and set about making a Guilford outfit. Not wanting to be left out my partner chose to be Tamaki.

the bigger picture )

And to add more I was inspired by the thread about Xingke and my imagination went a little wild and it turned into a Bleach cross over... (links to DevArt)
Random I know, it just popped into my head late in the night.
*carefully puts on her bulletproof jacket*

Happy birthday fugly-haired man, you and your supermodel gave me the nicest fangasms of year 2008, a hundred of these days =)
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I took a liking to Shirley, and was actually saddened in R2 D=

Code Geass: Shirley

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More fanart? 8DD

Why, hello thar, grandma.

Anorexic Luluko?


I've been using Tegaki JP lately because when I use Tegaki E, my lines come out really weirdly now. They get all squiggly, some parts disappear, and it's really annoying. >_<

♫~Yasashii Sekai~♫

R.I.P. Shirley...


Initially I had no plans for celebrating Tianzi's birthday, but something popped into my head last minute and managed to throw this together:

Image heavy, as always )
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[livejournal.com profile] brokensocks reminded me it was a certain Lord's birthday. I decided that I've been procrastinating on colouring this manually for too long, nothing flash just a coloured sketch. So my gift to one of my fav characters.

Happy Birthday Xingke!

(Links to my DevArt submission)
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Hello there~

It's December 31, aka Xingke's birthday! *throws balloons and streamers*

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Lin-ko again desu!~
GAH! I'm SO late *shoots*
This is what I get for trying to finish a pic a day or two before a bday. I did it with Nunnally and Rollo's bday, so I thought I could do the same.
Originally made for Lulu's bday on December 5th, but since it fell on the week of finals, never got to finish it on time. Now that finals are over *finally*, I was able to work on this. So here is my contribution, Tanjoobi Lulu! 18 days late!~
I could have done something simpler, but cmon... it's Lulu were talking bout here, I had to go all the way XP

So this is both my bday AND my Xmas pic of the year, since I'm two days early. Woot for all the reds and greens XD
Anyone who wants the full version of this let me know.

original size: 2539 x 3504

Happy holidays everyone! )
Title: Anya Alstreim
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Note: This is what I imagined her older self would look like

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Hello~ first time posting here (I think? @.@), and I would like to share some fanart.

Title: Your blood
Characters: Suzaku and Luluko
Comments: inspired from a scene from the Vampire Knight manga.
Rating: PG ...I think? ._.

link (just in case the link at the pic doesn't work)

Title: Hug you
Characters: Suzaku and Lelouch
Comments: the chibi knight hugs his chibi emperor. XD
Rating: G


I'm also sharing a little Powerpuff Geass for the lulz 8D;; it was inspired from a Japanese fanart that I saw somewhere, although I forgot what site. *fail*

That's it for now... *hides*
Pretty late in development, considering one ended weeks ago, and the other just started recently, but, ah... I like to be fashionably late? 'Nyway, this was mostly drawn from inspiration from that fanart of Setsuna from Gundam 00 and Lelouch from Code Geass.

Please enjoy, despite my glaringly craptastic art and mistakes. ;w;

Passing the Baton.


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