Hello everyone, delurking to let loose a crushing tsunami of fail art. P-please be kind to me asldkjfasdf. OTL

Follow the Rolo down the rabbit hole! )
Did two more geass chibis and a luluko ^_^
hope you like them~

Hello everyone!

First post here :) Some days ago I made Rolo's locket from clay for a friend. The colours are a bit off because I can't paint the clay :(
Btw, here it is:

Just click on the pic ^^

More fanart? 8DD

Why, hello thar, grandma.

Anorexic Luluko?


I've been using Tegaki JP lately because when I use Tegaki E, my lines come out really weirdly now. They get all squiggly, some parts disappear, and it's really annoying. >_<

♫~Yasashii Sekai~♫

R.I.P. Shirley...


Possibly the most ridiculous thing that I've made this year so far: A Rolo cake in commemoration of Valentine's Day, dedicated to Lelouch.

photos of DELICIOUS cake )

Here's hoping that I'll come up with something fancier next year.
Edit: For anyone else interested in baking a chocolate cake, here's the recipe that I used, though I only made 2/5 of the amount called for and made it a double-layered cake instead of triple-layered. For the different frosting colors, vary the amount of cocoa in the mix. For purple eyes, you may need to get food dye.
this is my first try for drawing rolo
Preview ~

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Just thought I would share the now colored version of the Rolo picture I drew for [livejournal.com profile] inulovinkit :3 Just click the link to go to my dA

Click here for moe shota
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Here's a picture of Rolo I drew for [livejournal.com profile] inulovinkit :3 It took me forever to draw his eyes, but let's not get into that >.>; I am proud of how it came out though :D Just click the link to my dA to see it! :3

Here! :D
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happy sweet halloween.
Sorry I'm late, I've been busy on the latest day @w@

anyway here goees :

thank you so much for paying attention <3

I have fanart! :3

I guess this is kind of spoilerly for the end of Turn 24 even though I drew you know who a few weeks before it aired. ._.;;
Lelouch, Rolo, and Nunnally wish you all a very happy Halloween!♥

Hihi! Lin-ko desu!
I've been a lurker on this comm for a while now, can't remember when I joined~ XP
But cause of recent events, I am now posting my first post on the comm *insert applause here*
I woke up this morning, and see a good wad of Nunnally + Rolo images online and was like "o.O there's so many..."
Until I saw the date on my calendar and was like "Oh crap! That's why!" So while going out and doing errands, I squeezed in time my b-day gift to them XD

Don't mind the fact that I'm 2 hours past their b-day XP

Otanjoobi Omedatou Nunnally-chan! Rollo-kun!~ )

And since I love them both~
I drew them something extra cute! ^_^ )

Hello! I just want to share a Rolo love :)

Teasers : 

here it goooesss )

thank you so much for looking around :D

(I need to share mroe Roro love XDD)

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Sharing just a couple of simple Rolo sketches. I've been mostly concentrating on getting the face right so no super-duper poses yet xD Both are G-rated, of course.
Over here.

There's also a sketch I did of my friend at the bottom of that linked entry. His request was for me to draw him Geass/Clamp style in the Ashford uniform, so I did - feedback would be interesting to hear.
Thanks and hope you guys like ^^~
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also contains:
code geass
naruto fanart
manifest 2008 pictures
view them [here] at [livejournal.com profile] blueberirabu
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I'm back a little more fanart... Not as much Rolo as I've brought before, but now that Gayass is over, I want to draw alot more fanart once I get some time freed up. These were all drawn before the finale.
Lelouch, Rolo and Suzaku (all solo despite being my OT3) )

I made another one, and I believe this one is pretty decent compared to the ones I've posted to this comm before. It's been a while since I've put a little bit more effort in my drawing. Hope you guys like it~ And this is the first time I've ever drawn Rolo :3


On the dance floor... )


Any ideas for what I should draw next? Drawing soothes~

Geass fanart anyone? :3

Teasers :

cuuuuuuutteeeed X3 )

lulz I hope you don't mind seeing them :3

I can't believe Geass will end so soon ;_____;


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