Title: Honor
Character/Pairing: Luciano, Bismarck, Anya.
Rating: T.
Word Count:158.
Fragment: Luciano has been saying "Yes, your Highness" to Lord Waldstein since months already, each time he was asked to be polite while dealing with Kururugi. It's commitment, of course. He doesn't believe it.

Title: Romance
Character/Pairing: Luciano/...a certain someone, Monica.
Rating: T.
Word Count: 206.
Fragment: I don't care about your gender. Not even if your race is inferior. I just desire your body to be mine and mine alone...
Title: Heartless
Table: 10 for [livejournal.com profile] 10_prompts [complete here]
Character/Pairing: Luciano/Kallen [non-con]
Rating: M.
Word count: 266
Fragment:The worst is not his knife, Kallen thinks as he draws using her skin as if it was a piece of paper.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I don't work for Sunrise, thankyou. You may not want to know what kind of ending we could have got if I had wrote that script.
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wow yeah i love the new ova don't even know that much about these characters and everything BUT WHATEVER IMMA WRITE FANFIC? orz

WARNING: these fanfics contain spoilers for the OVA and preview as well as spoilers for the original series

Rowdy Outsiders ; PG13 - drama/romance - Hyuga Akito x Leila Malcal (Code Geass: Akito the Exiled)
This uniform is my finest attire she had said; it is her finest attire because it suits her the best.

throw away the key ; R18 - drama/romance - Hyuga Akito x Leila Malcal (Code Geass: Akito the Exiled)
She is looking up at him a clear conviction in her eyes. She wants him. She is fascinated by him. The beauty of his body, the ugliness of his spirit, what blood he has shed she has also shed. They are tied in sin, they are tied in this fate.
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Canterbury Bells

Rating: M

Word-count: Irrelevant. Word count for distinct parts of the story is ~15k.

Summary: When Suzaku Kururugi disappears from his father's house under 'mysterious circumstances', an investigator quickly learns that not all is as it seems within the house of Kururugi. He must decide who is lying, who is innocent, and who has something to hide. And all the while, time, unforgiving, marches on.

Warnings: Quite a lot. A number of disturbing themes, all of which warrant the M rating. Potential squicks abound, so reader discretion is advised.

Notes: A 'choose your own adventure' based collab with [livejournal.com profile] scribblestorm, in which you get to play the detective and help to either crack the case or not. All other information is here. And yes I do realise I'm linking to the same post twice, but believe me in this case you'll really want to read the intro post first XD.
Title: First Steps
Authors: Bard Linn and Kiraya
Pairing(s): CharlesxMarianne
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cornelia takes Lucienne under her wing.
Notes: More girl!Lelouch AU.

( First Steps )
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Title: Bargain
Authors: Bard Linn and Kiraya
Pairing(s): CharlesxMarianne
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Suzaku receives offer that's almost too good to be true.
Notes: More girl!Lelouch AU.

( Bargain )
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Title: Fortunes
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Marianne/CC/Charles
Warnings: Sex
Notes: The night of Lelouch's conception.

The world trembles at his feet.

Title: Profane
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Zero/Kallen
Warnings: Sex, bondage
Notes: Kallen has imperfect bondage sex with Zero during Season One.

Sexual desire is too profane for Zero.
These are both series of stories about a lot of people (although I feel like Cornelia and Guilford are going to end up in the spotlight much more than anyone else because they are my favorites). All of these are set during R1 and R2, respectfully,and are based off the Picture Dramas, in that they take place between episodes (or in some cases during episodes, off screen). Their titles come from the fact that R1 episodes are called "stages" and R2 episodes are called "turns." Each new chapter is a new short story. Most of them can co-exist, but not all of them. They feature a variety of pairings, and some of them are just conversations I've written that I think may have happened, that we just didn't see. The pairings featured in each story are posted at the beginning of the chapter. I do take requests, more info is on my ff.net account.

Title: Missing Stages
Pairings: Cornelia/Guilford, Suzaku/Euphy, Schneizel/Kanon, Gino/Kallen, Tohdoh/Chiba, Lelouch/Shirley, Jeremiah/Sayoko, Villetta/Ohgi, and recently I have begun to consider the possibility of Milly/Nina, but I am not sure on this yet.
Rating: T (may go up)
Most Recent Entry: Stage 20.57: Courtly Love.
Most Recent Entry Pairings: Suzaku/Euphy, Cornelia/Guilford.
Most Recent Entry Summary: A conversation between Euphy and Cornelia about Knights, Princesses and the relationships between them.
Link: Here.

Title: Skipped Turns
Pairings: Cornelia/Guilford, Suzaku/Euphy, Schneizel/Kanon, Gino/Kallen, Tohdoh/Chiba, Lelouch/Shirley, Jeremiah/Sayoko, Villetta/Ohgi, and recently I have begun to consider the possibility of Milly/Nina, but I am not sure on this yet.
Rating: T (may go up)
Most Recent Entry Title: Turn 25.03: Bouquet.
Most Recent Entry Pairings: Cornelia/Guilford, Gino/Kallen, and Tohdoh/Chiba.
Link: Here.
Most Recent Entry Summary: A conversation between all the soldiers, while trying to avoid dancing at Villetta and Ohgi's wedding reception.
Link: Here.

Also, please leave reviews at ff.net (I mean you can leave them here too, but I like to have all my feedback in one place)! Thank you so much!

Also, I might as well post this here. I think my obsession with Cornelia has reached dangerously-close-to-Guilford levels:


I'm sure Guilford got his Cornelia plate from somewhere classier than the WalMart Online Photo Center, but I'm not ashamed. I did what I had to for this plate.

EDIT: I said this in a comment, but realized this would be easier. If anyone wants me to, I can send you the exact picture I used for the plate, as well as the link to the right part of the WalMart site. The total cost was about $20 with shipping. As a warning, it's imperfect, you can see more of her in the original, but this was the only close-up shot they showed of that picture, and I decided the best I could do was use the same one.
Title: A Cure For Loneliness
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: CC/Kallen
Warnings: Sex
Notes: After discussing loneliness together, Kallen finds herself interested in CC... in more ways than one.

Just who was this woman that kept close to Zero at all times? (links to my journal)
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Title: The Beginning
Authors: Bard Linn and Kiraya
Pairing(s): CharlesxMarianne
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The night after Marianne's assassination, Charles receives an unexpected visitor.
Notes: Girl!Lelouch AU. And I do mean AU.

( The Beginning )
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Title: Between Zero
Fandom: Code Geass
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Suzaku/Kallen/Lelouch
Warnings: Double penetration, spoilers for the end of the series
Notes: A fairly short, almost drabble-length fill for a request of Kallen having sex with Suzaku and Lelouch in their Zero outfits on the old kinkmeme.

They are two faceless figures (links to my journal)

Title: Between Zero - version 2
Fandom: Code Geass
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Suzaku/Kallen/Lelouch
Warnings: Sex
Notes: A somewhat longer fill for the same request, written before I realized OP had wanted double penetration.

Suzaku is a lithe, powerful force behind her (links to my journal)
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Title: XX
Fandom: Code Geass
Word Count: 6483
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: That's for the reader to figure out. :)
Warnings: Explicit M/M, M/F, and F/M; also, incest at one point (XII) and violence and dubcon at some points.
Summary: The twenty people Suzaku slept with from after he was shot to post-Zero Requiem.

◾ Tags:
Code Geass // Gino/Suzaku, PG-13
7192 words
Suzaku spends his days in opaque misery and his own brand of self-destruction. Somewhat unfortunately for him, Gino is not easily deterred. References to R2 Picture Drama 0.56 and the Rounds-themed light novel. Emotional constipation. Par for the course.

[Not tagged because there is no tag for this pairing, oh snap.]
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Title: Cosplay
Fandom: Code Geass
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Diethard/Lelouch
Warnings: An adult having sex with a minor, and Diethard just generally being a bit of a creep
Notes: Written for a kinkmeme request. The setting is this: Sometime during season one, brothels have sprung up with employees who specialize in fulfilling a certain fantasy - the fantasy of having sex with Zero. Diethard Reid frequents one of these brothels, and on one visit he encounters a very realistic Zero played by a Britannian teenager. I added an extra scene at the end to explain a bit why Lelouch is there

It was dangerous to do this too often, but on days like today, having spent hours in Zero’s presence, he couldn’t stop himself. (links to my journal)
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Title: Code Geass: Nunnally of Britannia
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: Entire cast; pairings TBA.
Genre: General (AU)
Summary: "Arise, Nunnally Waldstein, Knight of Seven." Cast out of the Imperial Family after the murder of her mother and brother, Nunnally is adopted by the Knight of One and forges a new path for herself... Title and elements of the writing style inspired by Cal Reflector's Lelouch of Britannia.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (NEW) - in which we see the beginnings of Nunnally's military career in flashback, and in the present day the new Knights of Three, Six and Seven take their places at the Round Table.
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Title: Pretty Magical Revolutionary Knight Nunnally
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: No pairings so far; Lelouch, Nunnally and Arthur (yes, that Arthur) feature most prominently in this episode; future chapters will include much of the cast. Magical girl candidates include Kaguya, Anya and Euphemia. :D
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: To save her brother's life, Nunnally accepts a gift from a cat inhabited by the spirit of the legendary Emperor Arthur and becomes a magical girl. Together, they set out to free Britannia's oppressed subjects and redeem the nation's fallen honour.

Notes: This...fairly cracky fic was heavily influenced by a certain series about young girls making friends through superior firepower. While not a crossover (or requiring any knowledge of said series), it could nonetheless be given the alternate title Magical Girl Lyrical Nunnally. Enjoy...
◾ Tags:
Title: Mosaic
Pairing(s): SuzakuxKaguya, SuzakuxKallen, SuzakuxEuphemia, SuzakuxNunnally, others hinted. Strong Suzaku + Lelouch friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes it takes a while to find all of the pieces of happiness.
Notes: Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] otakukeith’s bunny at [livejournal.com profile] cg_adopt_bunny.

( Mosaic )

Title: Five Things Lelouch Learned From His Mother - And One Thing He Didn't
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Summary: What it says in the title.

( Five Things Lelouch Learned From His Mother )

From [profile] cgkinkmeme:

Title: Emperor's Reward
Pairing(s): LelouchxSuzakuxKallenxGino
Rating: NC-17 - NOT WORKSAFE
Summary: AU. Emperor Lelouch is working too hard. Three members of the Rounds decide to change that.
Notes: Written for the first Code Geass kink meme, originally posted here.

( Emperor's Reward )

Title: Roommates at Pendragon
Pairing(s): Girl!Lelouch/Suzaku
Rating: NC-17 - NOT WORK SAFE
Summary: 'Lelouch' and Suzaku go to an all boys school. Except...Lelouch is a girl.
Note: Written for the original Code Geass kink meme here.

( Roommates at Pendragon )
Word Count: approx. 4000

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Zero will always obey her. Suzaku/Nunnally.

Notes: This fic is disturbing. I posted further warnings at my journal.

◾ Tags:
Second set of drabbles for 'The Royal Family'. Again, these royals + no Suzaku = not my forte, etc., but I tried my best. If any of the details conflict with canon, I apologize and defer to canon.

Hope you enjoy nonetheless! You guys and your prompts -- XD


5 (Monday, 21 March)
Trio: Lelouch / Nunnally / Marianne
Warnings: [none]
Word Count: 333
Setting / Prompt: the Kübler-Ross model: He has only these left: Marianne's memory, and Nunnally.

Boredom Relief (Wednesday, 23 March)
Trio: Lelouch / Nunnally / Marianne
Warnings: [none]
Word Count: 333
Setting / Prompt: destined for greatness: Clever, this boy.

Cat's Cradle (Friday, 25 March)
Trio: Lelouch / Nunnally / Marianne
Warnings: [none]
Word Count: 333
Setting / Prompt: teamwork: And then it was over, and it was perfect.

(all three drabbles here)
Fandom: Code Geass
Pairings: ClovisxLelouch (order actually relative). Also LelouchxSuzaku, a bit of SchneizelxClovis and some others.
Rating: NC-17

Story Title: Pleasures of Art
Chapter Title: Delectable Ventures
Previous: |1|, |2|, |3|, |4|, |5|, |6|, |7|, |8|, |9|, |10|
Word Count: ~8463 this chapter, about 83k total so far.

Summary: What if Lelouch had returned to Britannia after the invasion of Japan? The answer is simple and involves chess, less than sane family members and the unconventional use of art supplies. Next time, maybe Lelouch will think twice about heightening the stakes.
Then again, maybe not.
Warnings: M/M smut and incest (obviously). Consent issues during the first chapter and concerning a kiss in the second one. WIP. A plot that falls prey to randomness and fluff - and random fluff! - on occasion.

“(...) while painting you is incredibly entertaining, I always thought painting on you would be even more of a stimulating experience.”


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