Looks like GG is no longer subbing Geass :( Shame, I thought they were the best out of the subbing groups...

EDIT: Although this is on the GG main page, people are saying this could be some kind of joke? Apparently anonymous made a fake Photoshop of their news page, and posted it on 4chan. I guess someone from GG thought it funny enough to make into an actual news post.
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So I was piddling around with the Picture Drama today, and I noticed something different between two translations in the last line of 23.95.

Cut for spoilers, I guess? )
can i request for gg's episode 1 on anything other than MU? i want their TV version episode 1, not the DVD version tho ^^;;

(because I haven't plugged in a while)

Rebellion has got a new layout, featuring Ashford Academy

And for anyone not up to date with episodes 24+25, they're up for download, both the mkv and avi by gg and Your Mom respectively. There's also the episode summaries up. And about 350 screen shots of the two episodes over here.

And if their's anyone willing to help out (with anything xD) please let me know- especially anybody knowledgeable with Knightmares xD
the 5th picture drama, stage 4.33 is out from gg! :D
[gg][EiEn-acg]​ have been releasing the DVD rips for those who would like better quality files.

their site for links and such.
i'm supposed to have left the internet forever, so don't tell my f-list i'm here

gg has episode 22, episode 23, picture drama 6.75 and episode 1 in DVD format all out for download :)

i also found suzaku of the counter attack on their website, but i have no idea what is it... so it's a spoof, which i should have guessed from the fact that it wasn't on animesuki. but you can still download it if you want :)

and otacon has episode 23 out too :)

now everyone is up to date, let's see who wins the summer battle :D

version 2 of otacon's episode 23 is out here
the competition is on! episode 21 from gg!!
tehkev: (Lelouch/C.C. - Join the Rebellion bitch.)
Randomly checked baka updates and what do I see?

Episode 20 torrent!

Seems that gg is playing catch up at a rapid pace! Woohoo~ Now lets hope they get out 21 super fast!
Those waiting for gg's releases can rejoice! Today they've released the fansub for episode 19 ^__^ Torrent is available here.

Now, if only my bittorent would work x.x Anyone want to put up a direct download?
Direct download graciously provided by [ profile] gojyo can be found here!
Picture Book 3.5 by gg: torrent. AKA: wild, rampant fanservice. And D-D-to-the-L, wut wut. )

But, well, interesting as that may be, I'd like to make this post multi-purpose: list your Geass ships! There are only a few rules: 1) just list the ships, don't explain or justify them unless someone asks, I guess... this is just because I'm really interested in what people ship but I kind of want to avoid people going "OMG YOUR REASONS FOR SHIPPING CECILE/EUPHIE ARE SO WRONG", 2) no hating or bashing, seriously, 3) ????, 4) profit. "The Avalon" probably isn't an answer unless you ship Schneizel/Cecile/Lloyd/Suzaku/Bartley.
Is anyone besides me having problems with gg fansubs in the VLC Media Player? The subtitles don't show up for episodes 15 and 16 at all. I didn't torrent it, I did direct download from the links here although I usually go to the Jun Fukuyama community for those.

I really want to see 15 and 16 but I don't understand anything without fansubs. D:
[gg]Code Geass 15 TORRENT

Direct Download links ) so that no one double posts. ♥ (Comment to contribute.)

[edit] If reading the comments in this post still can't get it to play, an avi version is available here.
episode 13 torrent is here

yet AGAIN i haven't watched it.

can we all be nice children and TAG POSTS? i've been tagging for you, but a lot of people aren't tagging their posts :( please don't make me fail my exams and fail to get into uni just coz i had to spend time to tag your posts ;__;

slightly exaggerated, but you get the point. from now on, i'm going to big-font comment you if you don't tag your posts T___T you can see what tags there are when you choose to edit your tags, and CHOOSE CORRECTLY!! :D
don't think anyone needs it, but episode 1-12 batch here, including 8.5. i'm not sure sure if the first few episodes have been fixed tho... but gg are gonna remove the individual torrents soon~

to make this post less... OT, can i request lelouch/C.C. icons? from the scene in episode 11? :D i would do something in thanks, but i lack time ^^;; might scan the calendar image insanely big if get into the mood


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