Me and photoshop have been up to no good again

*edit* Here's an A4 version
*edit2* Now on a tshirt!
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I just made a new lockscreen/background for my iPod touch out of this fanart and I wanted to share :3

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Thought I'd share this manga colouring of Euphie I just finished~ It's a scan from the Code Geass manga.

It's over here at [ profile] umfabulously ~
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Title: Code Geass (Gino Weinberg)

Category: Windows XP Theme

Credits: Images were found a photobucket. If you recognize any of the artists, please let me know so I can put them up here in credits.

Comments: ............ I did not like this one. I did not like this one at all... There were not many pictures for me to choose from! D: I may redo this theme again seeing as I was not satisfied... Oh, this one is for [info]phantasiagirl ~

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Title: Code Geass (Lelouch)

Category: Windows XP Themes

Credits: I admit it; I use photobucket like a bitch. All images were found on photobucket.

Comments: Does it seem like you just cannot get enough of that charming prince called Lelouch? Ever felt the need to show off your new, cool looking xp theme featuring same said prince to a friend who is madly in love with him? I have *snickers* This is my new theme, dedicated to Lelouch. All hail Lelouch!

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lavaliere: ([CG] Lelouch + Rolo -- Stay With Me?)
Series: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Character: Rolo Lamperouge
Source Credit: Yawaranai Kanjou doujinshi © Rolo-Ruru
Tools: Photoshop 7

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So, I have no clue what to tag this as, but has a Lelouch doll now! You print out the design and fold and create it. I saw it on an Adult Swim bump c:

You can find the stencil here:

So cool!
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Hi there!!
I've already uploaded many things to my lj so i think it's time to share them here, in code geass community lol. Little by little i'll be uploading more things, but, just for now, i'll be leaving you guys with these fanbooks, clamp artbook and other goodies. You can always check my lj for code geass downloads and otome games things.

Here, the links~~
CEllDX Stage Sweet and Joy + TV.
The Original Picture of Opening Movie and Installation Book.
Calendar 2008.
Graphics Zero
Zenryoku Fanbook
Graphics Ashford Academy
Format Material I y II
Rebellion Book I y II
Mutuallity: Clamp Works in Code Geass

Fuck, there are so many tags useless :SSSS i  hope have tagged this post well. Neither of them say "download" XD.
Anyway, please, download those  you did not  already have loool and prey attention 'cause i have more rar's scans to share wuahahahhahah *¬*.

Hey, if posts concerning manga coloring aren't allowed, feel free to delete this.

I was on a manga-reading spree yesterday and tried Suzaku of the Counterattack out. Unfortunately, I can't find anything translated beyond Chapter 1. (If anyone has any raw scans, I would like to know.) I fell in love with the art, to make a long story short, and this came out.


Sorry if I x-post this everywhere and spam your flist.
Hello :::

I hope you like so much , give me your opinion and if they want one no problem
Credit to [ profile] takumisan

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I like making sprites of anime characters, so I decided to try making some Code Geass related ones. Some of them came out better than others, but I figured I'd share the whole collection anyway. As for the outfits I chose, I mostly just used what I had good source pictures of to work with. But I'm open for suggestions of more characters/outfit variants to try. Just... probably not Nunnally because I have no idea how to make the wheelchair that tiny.

Bases all came from this site.

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I've been looking for a Code Geass livejournal layout but can't find a site that has them anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone would happen to know where a good site for that is? ^_^
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I've posted one of these before, so I assume it's alright? Anyway... Initally I did this for fun 'cause I was bored, but then after showing the half-done version to a few friends, they said I should finish it, so...

Fandom: Code Geass (Doujinshi)
Character: Rolo + Lelouch Lamperouge
Tools: Photoshop 7.0
Layers: 37
Other: + Banner and 5 icons

If this post isn't suppose to be here you may delete it :D

I found this manga picture in from Code Geass and when I saw it I was like... OMFG. I need to color it. It's nothing special. It's just Suzaku and Lelouch. :D Hope you likey.

view it here @ [ profile] reverievisitor

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another vector, this time C.C.
Free Image Hosting at
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Some older members might remember the CG Elves I made last year. The link has long since expired but this year I got inspired to make another... a-and I love my jibjabs. even without Charles and V.V. /shot


--Using the same tag as last year unless directed otherwise.
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[ profile] lishan1988requested I post these soooo... :]

Warning, these are full sized images. So it may take awhile to load. Take what you please for icons and such, but be sure to tell me which ones you take!

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