At Otakon, Bandai announced that the Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya manga has been licensed for domestic release.
[credits: ANN]
For those who were waiting for the full season DVD box, it'll be out Feb 8th. Under Bandai's Anime Legends imprint, the Season 1 box will contain Japanese Language, English language, English subtitles, Picture Dramas, Commentary Tracks, English Voice Actor Interviews, Clean Openings and Closings. [credits:] - preorder 36.99 [49.98 list]

Great deal, but I'm still hoping for a blu-ray release. ^^
So check out what I found at Rightstuf just now:

R2 part 1, July 21, 2009. No blu-ray release there yet, hopefully that doesn't mean they're not doing one.
Now Canadians will be able to watch Code Geass streamed on YouTube, too. (ANN)

Um, sorry for those of you outside the U.S. and Canada. =.(
Doesn't look like this has been posted yet.

Code Geass will be streamed both subbed and dubbed on YouTube. Currently, the first 5 episodes are up. They can be found at the BandaiEntertainment channel.

EDIT: Uh, apparently you can only watch if you're in the U.S. .>_>;;
2009 Releases (Based on's release dates)
Meant to post this earlier, but got sidetracked...
Here's a list of Code Geass items coming out this year.

Cut for list )

comment to add any items I missed.
Bandai's dub will move to 2am starting this Saturday on the cartoon network. Bandai's R2 website is here. (credits: ann)
I have a few questions about the extras that come with the Limited Edition of Part 1. I looked through the comm archives, but I couldn't find any information after the release, so I'd like to confirm the initial rumors before I buy. Thanks in advance!

Thank you again! In case others are interested, I added the answers to the post:

1. What language are the Sound Episodes in? I gather that originally it was announced that it would be in Japanese, but later that it would be dubbed. So is it dub-only? Yes, dub only.

2. Does Part 1 come with what in Japan was both Sound Episodes I and II? (Since there will only be 3 LE releases, and there were 6 Sound Episodes in Japan, how are they going to fit them all otherwise?) Yes, it has the sound dramas from Sound Episodes 1 and 2, 6 stages total.

3. I read somewhere that they ditched the image songs. Is that true? Yes. :(

4. Is the OST substantially the same as the Japanese release? Any songs missing? They're the same.
To the Bandai/Cartoonnetwork/dub fans, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 will start this Sunday at the ever-popular time slot of 5 AM.
Thought I'd let everyone know that the second set of US DVDs for Geass have been dated.  Code Geass Part 2 Limited Edition, Regular Edition, and Discs 3 and 4 will all be released on December 2nd.  Amazon, Right Stuf, and Barnes and Noble all have them up for preorder, but there is no info yet on what is in the limited edition. (Or photos for that matter.)

I also have a question: has anyone found the first Code Geass novel in stores yet?  According to Amazon it should have been released last Tuesday, but they're not even shipping yet.
Here's Bandai's manga/novel release schedule for those wanting the english versions:

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion Volume 1 - on sale now
Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion Volume 2 - November 5

Code Geass: Suzaku Of The Counterattack Volume 1 - December 3

Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally Volume 1 - March 15, 2009

Code Geass Novel: Stage -0- Entrance - October 6
Code Geass Novel: Stage -1- KNIGHT - December 31

Dates taken from (ETA: These may hit bookstore chains earlier, so check out your favorite shopping spot for their dates)
There are more volumes, but I think most people know how to do a search. :P
Anyone get their replacement DVDs from Bandai? Mine just arrived today and they seem to work fine. Bandai also included a few freebies including a couple mini pencil boards, a couple stickers, and I guess what is a .hack//Roots cellphone holder thingy. Did everyone else get the same thing?

Anyhoo, with the DVDs arriving, I've made region free copies and will be sending the whole package along with everyone's letters to Production Baobab. I actually haven't written my letters yet so I guess the package will be sent out Saturday or something. .^^; I would like to thank again those who participated! THANK YOU! =.D
Bandai's Response to Disc issue.

If you're having issues with your Code Geass discs, you simply have to use this form and explain to them what the problem is. However, I suggest not putting your personal mailing address in the contact form because it's not being sent over a secure server. From the looks of the article on ANN, the majority of the problems are with Volume 2.
Amazing this wasn't posted yet.

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block will run the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 sequel series in the United States. The late-night block has been running Bandai Entertainment's English-dubbed version of the first Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion robot anime series since April 26. The 18th episode of Code Geass R2 just aired in Japan on Sunday, and the series is expected to end after 25 episodes in October when the second season of Gundam 00 will take over its timeslot. Code Geass R2 continues the alternate-history struggle between the Britannia Empire and the oppressed "Elevens" of former Japan, after the cliffhanger ending of the first series. Goro Taniguchi is directing the animators at Sunrise on this project with character designs by the popular manga artist quartet CLAMP.

Bandai Entertainment just shipped its first Code Geass DVDs as individually packaged discs, a two-disc set, and a limited-edition set.

Source: ICv2

Update: Bandai Entertainment noted at Maryland's Otakon event last Saturday that the Code Geass R2 sequel will run on Adult Swim immediately after the first series ends. Thanks, Tenkaido.

I seems like part of the fun was the whole gap in between R1's last eps and R2, but whatever.
I'm reading about the North American Geass DVDs on AOD and it sounds like many discs have playback problems. You can read here for more info. Mine hasn't shipped yet but hopefully when it does it'll be from a good batch. =.x

And since I'm posting here anyway, a lil update on the Geass project thingy. For all of you who sent me money, could you please PM me with your name (or nickname, though real name is probably best) and country so I can write it down when I send everything? Also, I received a letter for Fukuyama yesterday from someone in Johnson City, TN. Um, please tell me who you are on LJ? .^^; (And thanks for the crane!)

With the DVD glitches, it might mean a delay in sending the stuff so you guys just might have more time to send in your letters and stuff. .^^

EDIT: Thanks to [ profile] cayterror, we have a response from Bandai:

After reading about the issue in the forums we have checked several copies from the batch which played fine. It should not be a widespread issue. However, most of the product have been shipped so we won't exactly know until the release date. If you are having doubts I would recommend waiting a couple days after the release date. We'll send out a press release if we find any major problems.


So I guess either it's just a bad batch or Bandai is playing ignorant. We'll find out soon enough.
According to this article, Sound Episode One, which comes with the first LE Boxset, will be dubbed.

It doesn't mention a Japanese track...I was kind of hoping we'd get the original too.
It's up, it's up! Finally~ On Amazon USA that is. It seems it was up on the Canadian site first, anyway~~ Cheaper than RightStuf! (Free shipping!)

Volume 1 ($16.99)
Volume 2 ($16.99)
Part 1 ($27.99)
Part 1 LE ($51.99)

Okay, so I have a project.... to send Code Geass Part 1 to Fukuyama Jun (voice of Lelouch). I do this once in a while, sending R1 DVDs (with region-free copies) to seiyuu so they can hear their roles in English. (Yeah, most dubs are meh but I think someone in the business has a different way of appreciating voice work.)

Anyway, basically, help pitch in to pay for the DVDs and shipping, and send along any letters people may have for Fukuyama. You can either help pay, only send a letter, or do both!

Cost for the DVD + Priority Mail shipping to Japan will be about $55. Any amounts are welcome! I can accept pretty much any form of payment... PayPal, Google Checkout, money orders, cash, whatever. (There are fees for credit/debit contributions, however.) As for letters, you would send them to me and I'll stick it in with the DVD. It can be written in English or Japanese, or any other language for that matter. It's the thought that counts and I'm sure he'll appreciate knowing that he hands fans all over the world. Um, hand-written letters (they're more personal than typed ones), please, and that's pretty much it. =.3 Oh, and I won't read your letter btw. I'll only open if it I need to, like if you have it in a separate envelope, otherwise I'll just stick it in the package directly.

I've done this before with Hatano Wataru (sent him Yumeria, which was his first main role) and he actually wrote about the present on his blog. Maybe if we're lucky we can get a little blurb on the Baobab blog? X.D

Anyone who's interested, please contact me either via LJ PM or email. Thanks!

PS Letters for Sugiyama Noriaki (Rivalz) may be accepted too since he also works for Baobab.

[ EDIT: Forgot that Koshimizu Ami (Kallen) and Mizushima Takahiro (Rollo) work for Baobab as well so I'll take letters for them as well! ]
Here are images of Bandai's release-- Volume 1, Volume 2, Part 1, LE Part 1 (image below). The release date is August 5th. (I haven't seen preorder pages at the usual places yet, but I'll add links later; Amazon, Rightstuf)

And here's what they'll come with...
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Saw that this came up a couple times as a question so here's an answer...

According to gia's blog report from Akon, Bandai's Sound Episodes will contain the original Japanese tracks with some sort of translation. So Fukujun fans rejoice!
I thought I would share with the community the answer I received from Bandai. Since some people were wondering as well.


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