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Hi there!!
I've already uploaded many things to my lj so i think it's time to share them here, in code geass community lol. Little by little i'll be uploading more things, but, just for now, i'll be leaving you guys with these fanbooks, clamp artbook and other goodies. You can always check my lj for code geass downloads and otome games things.

Here, the links~~
CEllDX Stage Sweet and Joy + TV.
The Original Picture of Opening Movie and Installation Book.
Calendar 2008.
Graphics Zero
Zenryoku Fanbook
Graphics Ashford Academy
Format Material I y II
Rebellion Book I y II
Mutuallity: Clamp Works in Code Geass

Fuck, there are so many tags useless :SSSS i  hope have tagged this post well. Neither of them say "download" XD.
Anyway, please, download those  you did not  already have loool and prey attention 'cause i have more rar's scans to share wuahahahhahah *¬*.

I saw photos of illustrations from the newly released Heroine's Tribute book and this one caught my attention immediately. My mind was going like:

Whoa, is that Lelouch masquerading into a book filled with women? Wait, who's he holding? That's not Nunnally's haircut...Knight outfit...oh gods, is that Marianne? T-T-Time paradox!

Bigger picture, but no scan D: )
Found a HQ advert of code geass Heroine's Tribute at http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/special/codegeass/

enjoy the pic picture

Been a while since the last goodies news?

Source: Official Site

Details under cut )
new illustration book from the official )

Here's a peek at the full cover illustration to the Code Geass Illustrations Relation artbook. It comes out today along with the CLAMP one. (credits: kanameclan's blog)

Please don't comment with requests for scans. They'll show up if they show up.

So who won the bet? Here's a tiny thumbnail image of the full Mutuality artbook. The artbook will be on sale tomorrow the 5th. (link thx to d_tsubasa)

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The Code Geass books keep on coming.
Here's the cover of Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Illustrations Relation book which will be out Dec 5th (the same day as the CLAMP artbook). This is the R2 compliment to the Illustration Rebels book.

And there's a new poll on the official page - Who to rely on and who you'd want to protect.
MUTUALITY: CLAMP works in CODE GEASS - out December 5th (Lulu's B-day..^_^)
(more info via chibiyuuto)


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