Some new figures....
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More information about an exhibition and the new mechandise here.

Hihi, I am selling some Code Geass items, please take a look if you are interested.  Thanks for your time.


FS: Karen DX Figure & Code Geass Chibi Mascots Keychains )Shipping & Payment )
Some of you may be interested to know that Bandai's(?) S.H. Figuarts line will be releasing a Lelouch/Zero figure in April next year.

(Click for larger size)

He's expected to retail at ¥3,990 and will stand at about 14cm (slightly smaller than the figma?), according to the text in the advert.


Also, I'm not sure about what's going on with some of his facial expressions, and whether or not the following will be part of the eventual main release, but we DID have some unofficial photos which were sneaked at a preview event some months earlier... (they could have just been prototypes, but I figured I'd put them up for the laughs as well)

cut for the earlier, unofficial photos )

UPDATE: More detailed photos are available here, with thanks to [ profile] suanz for the link!
Hey everyone! There are news of 4 new figurines coming this year in September! They'll be based off of the characters in the Wonderland OVA. You can see the prototype figures here:



For now, C.C. and Kallen are only concept art; they haven't been made into prototypes yet. They're looking pretty though!


I always miss out new releases of CG/any figurines. By the time I find out, the pre-order dates are usually already closed.

Can someone advise where I can go to get timely information of upcoming CG/any figurine releases?

Thanks in advance.


From the same event mentioned below, here's the colored version of the Suzaku figure that was previously posted. There's also new C.C. and Kallen Xmas figures at the link.

ETA: Amiami now has the Suzaku figure up for preorder

At the Tamashii Nation Winter 2011 event, which showcased many figures and toy offerings that will go up for pre-order before long, two of the Bandai Chibi Arts figures of the many shown seemed to be centered around Code Geass.

Pictures and information under the cut. )
I know a little while back there were some comments about the absence of Suzaku figures being made, but rejoice Suzaku fans, shiny new things are on their way.

There were reports a while back about a Knight of Zero Suzaku figure being made, and the prototype is going to be available to view at the Animate Girl's Festival. (Aka, where they are selling those Lelouch dakimakura).

The festival is on this weekend, but for whatever reason some people seem to have seen things early, so courtesy of twitter there are a couple of camera pics of the prototype (Better pictures should be available later this weekend).

Pictures )
Source 1. Source 2.

These pictures started a conversation about Suzaku's crotch on 2ch. That is not a sentence I ever thought I would type.

ETA: Since the festival is now open, some blogs now have a picture from a different angle. Also shows how well he matches with the Emperor Lelouch there. has updated with better images of the full Code Geass in Wonderland collection. The items will be on sale late this month. The illustrations on the card deck look pretty interesting.


Check Akibahobby for close-ups of the figurines.

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From Chara Hobby 2011, there are more Code Geass in Wonderland figures on their way. The larger figures were previously posted. I don't think the chibi ones were posted here yet. These are from Banpresto. No word on a release date.


Cut for the other images )

Sell your old Code Geass stuff, get some new stuff. Saw a new figure up at Amiami. He has difference faces and a removable flowy cloak. It will be out in December. :) I like the back view, too.
I'm not very clear on what new marketing tricks Bandai is trying to pull, but here are Lelouch, C.C. and Kallen figures voiced by their respective seiyuu in a seemingly cracky video commercial they're calling Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 ~Romantic Variation~

Video link is here. Alternatively, just click behind the cut )

Translations/more info anyone?
Edit: Yes, the figures featured are the premium lottery ones, with thanks to info from [ profile] kitsune_no_ame and a friend.

Hello All you Code Geass Fans!!

Am a College Guy in South America, just for you to know that Code geass Popularity is Worlwide.

Well, Now I am on Vacation. So I am really Mad about Code geass PVC Figures. I Got the chance to buy a Few Ones.

The Main Problem is that MegaHouse or Alter is not like Bandai, Bandai can Produce Massive Figures and keep producing more Copies and are Easier to get ther Products, Meanwhile MegaHouse and Alter Produce in Limited Press.

But...  When The Companies notices that Fans want More Product.. they usually Produce More Copies and Plus produce More Characters. (They did with Gundam, with One Piece and Others)
So To all that Guys and Girls who Couldn´t get Kallen, Villeta Nu,  Shirley or Zero Figure... we can do a Miracle!

here you can ask for more  news and the Reissues of  Code Geass Figures...
(But first ask for the Reissues)

Read more... )
Haven't seen this posted yet and I thought some people would be interested.

Seems like Banpresto's giving Code Geass another Ichiban Kuji Premium treatment. They're calling it "Romantic Variation". I can't find a release date other than 2010, which is a big duh. Also, Ichiban Kuji is a lottery event, so if any of the merchandise interests you, you might want to save your holiday money for these!

Previews for the lottery items are under the cut.

Ichiban Kuji items )
my billy figma came today....i put zero's head on his fabulous body.......this is what happened.........many more will come later haha.....tokimeki geassssssss


So adorable! XDXD

D-Armor series: Code Geass version - Chibi Kallen and Gurren MK-II

The armor is supposedly detach-attachable. OwO
I need convention money! so I'm offering free shipping on everything I have for sale - my whole sales post is here, but these are the Code Geass items I have for sale:

there is nothing wrong with these two items - they are in mint condition. I just ended up with extras and need to sell them off!

Code Geass Zero trading figure - $22 [shipping included]
the figure pictured is mine, your figure will be shipped mint in packaging - it will look like this when you receive it.

picture under the cut )
Code Geass Suzaku/Arthur DX cell - $11 [shipping included]

thanks for looking :3 xposted, sorry >:

please PM me if you are interested!
zetsubo student suzaku figma XDDD

kururugi suzaku witnesses sensei suicide!!! - fake cut

i need a life XDD and find some other sort of entertainment instead of playing with figmas...lulu owns a psychiatrist therapy cow patterned chair now...maybe i'll share that later hahahah
They just won't stop milking us...Owo;

Remember that poster a while back with Kallen in her tank top and undies, tank top barely hanging off her breast? Well, if you liked that, you'll like this...


More angels on GA.


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