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[I don't think this has been posted before, and wasn't sure whether to tag as requests or mooks]

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I got the Code Geass R2 official guidebook a while ago, so here's a quick photo review of it.

***This review is in progress. It will be updated with translated info throughout the day.***
If there's something in particular you'd like me to photograph or translate, please tell me.

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Cover, table of contents

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The Code Geass books keep on coming.
Here's the cover of Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Illustrations Relation book which will be out Dec 5th (the same day as the CLAMP artbook). This is the R2 compliment to the Illustration Rebels book.

And there's a new poll on the official page - Who to rely on and who you'd want to protect.
Okay I don't now some one already post this one or not
But I'm checking new items on Animate now and I think we get something new....

It's quite a long list. :)
June 23rd Updates: August 6th- Sound Episode 2 coverart & character song- Rolo!
June 20th Updates: Figma Suzaku on August 3rd. New character portrait in July & August. Gawain!!! Burai!! Guren Aerial-Type!!

I'll keep updating this list in my LJ. :)

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I found this link on Kadokawas Page, promoting what looks to me like a fair, with special CG Goodies.
It will be held on the 15th of September.
(more infos anyone?)

Interesting; it's also the first official announcement of "
The Complete" that I see.
It will be availiable from the 30th of August on, and costs 1260 Yen (= 7,3 € or 10,6 U$ or 5,2£ ).
It's supposed to be like an artbook, along with character sketches ("Settai" ^^ ), like seen in the Format Material and such.

The "Nano" Figure collection previously seen in the post with the Hobby Japan Scans can now
be preordered (yes, it's not that new but now they have pics^^; )
Release date is 2007/08/31.

>Tags: What's the difference between "info" and " news"? Because I didn't know which to use I put both^^;
I didn't dare to introduce a new "event" tag  >.<

Hi everyone.

Can anyone direct me links (online shops) to where I can buy the Code Geass Graphics Ashford & Zero booklets please? If anyone has the booklets scanned, that'd be great as well. Either opinion will do fine.

An opportunity to plug the CG fansite I run online with [profile] flame_s , Self Destruction.

Thanks again.  David xx
Does anybody know anything about these books?
- Graphics Zero
- Graphics Ashford

I LOVE illustration books (and I wish they'd make more anime ones...like the Card Captor Sakura "Cheerio!" series, you guys know what I'm talking about?)...so are these books like that? Or are they mostly screenshots and episode summaries with a few illustrations tucked in?

If anybody can answer (or if anybody has scans ^_~) I'd be really grateful!!!
Cover for DVD vol 4 is out, ft. Kallen^^ [here]!

I also saw the news of the Graphics Zero & Graphics Ashford mooks that's to be released on the same date as DVD 3...is there anywhere where I can order them from? o.o;
March 23 will see the release of the Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion- GRAPHICS ZERO and a separate GRAPHICS ASHFORD artbooks (magazine+book=mook).

It'll be published by Kadokawa for 630 yen. (no word which artist will be featured)


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