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If you want a discount, please send me PM - you can buy it without Ebay (minus 10% of the cost as eBay fees!), but you still have to pay the PayPal fees, sorry!


Code Geass Black in Ashford BIG Cloth Poster Lelouch C.C. Shirley Karen RARE!

appx. 43 in x 74 in !!!

If you have any questions, please, send me PM here or on eBay. Thanks ^_^
Hey Guys! I have a small sale that includes some cool Code Geass merch. Please take a look~

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I know it was already stated before in an earlier post, but the STAGE.1 rubber stamp collection is being released this July, and STAGE.2 is being released this August!  I know some people were complaining about the lack of a Rolo or Euphy strap in STAGE.1, so it was only a matter of time they released a set with them in it.

CDJapan (¥3780)

If you order the sets from Kotobukiya (Japan-wide shipping only), you can get an extra Jeremiah strap (STAGE.1), and/or a Villetta strap (STAGE.2).
New Phone Straps

New rubber phone straps coming out in July and they are super cute!

I may have squee'd over the picture of Lelouch and Suzaku clipped together <3

I am fortunate to be in Japan right now and so I raided Animate of every single product with Mad Hatter Lelouch on it! I also picked up the Nunnally in Wonderland bluray.

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Hi :) I'm selling a Ichibankuji Premium Code Geass in Wonderland D O.D.C. Premium Booklet

click here :)

Both Animate and Amiami have new Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland merchandise coming out in May. Some cute illustrations are on the goods.
- Kallen's Guren ignition key as pendent

See all info under da fakecut...

( Fake cuts are SO fake *gay hand-waves* )
You guys, today i received my Melody Geass Cards Set, the girls one. /i'll prolly get the boys set next month, lack of moneyz now, baw moar

Anyway, i thought i would share a few pics, just cause :::

I need convention money! so I'm offering free shipping on everything I have for sale - my whole sales post is here, but these are the Code Geass items I have for sale:

there is nothing wrong with these two items - they are in mint condition. I just ended up with extras and need to sell them off!

Code Geass Zero trading figure - $22 [shipping included]
the figure pictured is mine, your figure will be shipped mint in packaging - it will look like this when you receive it.

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Code Geass Suzaku/Arthur DX cell - $11 [shipping included]

thanks for looking :3 xposted, sorry >:

please PM me if you are interested!
The last of Anthology Photo Session pictures. Release date is settled on July 16th.
By Kimura Takahiro + RICCA
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Wow, those are ought to sell like hot cakes. //lj cutting this because NSFW :

for c.c and shirley...um, well, goodies lol )
Hi there!!
I've already uploaded many things to my lj so i think it's time to share them here, in code geass community lol. Little by little i'll be uploading more things, but, just for now, i'll be leaving you guys with these fanbooks, clamp artbook and other goodies. You can always check my lj for code geass downloads and otome games things.

Here, the links~~
CEllDX Stage Sweet and Joy + TV.
The Original Picture of Opening Movie and Installation Book.
Calendar 2008.
Graphics Zero
Zenryoku Fanbook
Graphics Ashford Academy
Format Material I y II
Rebellion Book I y II
Mutuallity: Clamp Works in Code Geass

Fuck, there are so many tags useless :SSSS i  hope have tagged this post well. Neither of them say "download" XD.
Anyway, please, download those  you did not  already have loool and prey attention 'cause i have more rar's scans to share wuahahahhahah *¬*.

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I noticed that a new Code Geass CD will be released on March 25th (dear Sunrise, the series is over, please let it go), titled "CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Variety R18" and it will feature conversations amongst the voice actor and actresses, a song by Ohgi, Orange-kun, and Villetta, a song by Tianzi, and comments from gofer boy Tamaki and Ohgi.

All I can say is, SET SAIL FOR R18 CRACK
Hi everyone! Just got my Part 2 LE today and thought I'd share pictures of it.

Similar to the Part 1 LE, it comes with booklets, Sound Episode vol.2, and manga vol.2. The box it comes in is actually nicer than I thought it'd be. It's of course nothing compared to the artbox of Part 1 LE but I thought the little cardboard inside that lifted the CD up so that it's flush at the top was a nice touch. Good packaging.

And now for the pictures~

The box it comes in

Click for more pics )

I haven't heard about any defects for vol. 3 or 4 so I guess that's a good sign. .^^
pictures )

Preorders for dakimukra renditions of C.C. and Kallen opened yesterday. Both of them are 10,500 yen each 150cm X 50cm in size. The release date is sometime in January 2009.

aojgwaj;ghiarhhao Where's my Lelouch/Rolo body pillowcase?!? I didn't think that they'd release official body pillowcases for Code Geass, given Code Geass' younger target audience, but I hope this means that they might release ones for male characters in the near future...
I found some images of the 2009 calendar! Hope to see them soon in HQ! @__@
If I find more, I'll edit the post!<3

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