So my computer died forever ago (this was before I had an external hard drive) and I never got around to finding everything that I lost. Though I found the soundtracks again pretty easily I was looking through this community to look for the sound episodes. However, most of the links are dead. I have 2, 3, 5 and 6 for R2 but nothing else. ;_; If anyone could help me then that'd be awesome!!

I'm mostly interested in the remaining R2 sound episodes but if anyone could upload/link me to the first season ones (especially the character songs hnnngh) then I'd love you forever. :')
Hello, I've been following this comm for a while, but this is my first post here. I haven't seen any others around, so I've decided to share my translation of Xingke and Gino's 'Reason' character song. Also, I have a request concerning some other character song lyrics.

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Here's the cover of Code Geass R2 Sound Variety R18. Info posted back here. This will be out March 25th.(credits D_Tsubasa)

Like the previous season, R2 Volume 9's Limited Edition will come with a CLAMP-illustrated storage box. Volume 9 will be out April 24.

And coming out March 25th:
Code Geass R2 Sound Variety R18

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I noticed that a new Code Geass CD will be released on March 25th (dear Sunrise, the series is over, please let it go), titled "CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Variety R18" and it will feature conversations amongst the voice actor and actresses, a song by Ohgi, Orange-kun, and Villetta, a song by Tianzi, and comments from gofer boy Tamaki and Ohgi.

All I can say is, SET SAIL FOR R18 CRACK
I was reading 2chan when I found the link of animate! *__*
Finally we know who is the singer of the new song, Reason.
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Disclaimer: The stuff written here may not be funny, dramatic and/or scary. ( All mistakes are mine. Not Japanese (I wish.. not!!...) so there must be a lot.

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I know that somebody's already posted the track list for Sound Episode 5, so I think I'll just post the track descriptions.

Code Geass R2 Sound Episode 5

Code Geass R2 Sound Episode 5


Here more info about this sound episode! I translated some myself but let me know if there is something wrong and I'll correct them.

Cast: Jun Fukuyana as Lelouch Lamperouge, Takahiro Sakurai as Kururugi Suzaku, Yukana as C.C., others

1.コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2 Sound Episode 5 キャラクターソング:ティアラの気持ち
1. Character song: Tiara no kimochi (Tiara's sensation)
2.コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2 Sound Episode 5 ドラマ:Cタケ られた C.C.[-]
2. Drama: C take rare da C:C.

3.コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2 Sound Episode 5 ドラマ:おでん屋 ナナちゃん[-]
3. Drama: Oden-ya Nanachan (Oden-shop Nanachan)
4.コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュR2 Sound Episode 5:ティアラの気持ち [instrumental]
4. Character song: Tiara no kimochi [karaoke]

Nunnally is the singer.

I took a sound episode and tried drawing for it as a test... >m<;
Here's the youtube video if anyone is interested orz

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Because it's so dedicated to Lelouch.

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Also, I find the way that Koshimizu pronounces ONE MORE CHANCE in that "WAAN MOAAA CHANSU~" fashion incredibly cute. Uh.

Was browsing through youtube and I found this lovely Code Geass R2 Sound Episode!

Somewhat reminds me of Scooby-Doo if you ask me. xD

Featuring: Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi, C.C., Rolo Lamperouge, Gino Weinberg, Anya Alstreim, Xing-Ke, Empress Tianzi and Kaguya Sumeragi

Enjoy! =3

Sound Episode Drama continue to be VERY dramatically contrast with the series ^^;;; While R2 are all serious, messy and more characters death with each passing episodes!!!
We are getting such HAPPY cover for our new sound episode drama XD XD XD Ironic or just for more cracking???

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I was looking at the internet and I found the Code Geass r2 sound episode up for download. It's in avi format. and transalated.

Here's the Link (I'm not sure it going to work cause it never does for me T.T Copy and Paste if needed) If anyone can tell me who uploaded this so I can credit them that will be great =D

P.S I don't think it's from an episode. Just all female characters talking about which sport Lulu could beat Suzaku in
According to this article, Sound Episode One, which comes with the first LE Boxset, will be dubbed.

It doesn't mention a Japanese track...I was kind of hoping we'd get the original too.
So... A sample of C.C.'s character song, CONNECT, has been uploaded here thanks to Koshimizu. It's an advertisement for the upcoming SE, so, Lelouch's voice is over it.

A translated line is this: "I'm/You're not alone, embraced with all your/my heart".

As a C.C. fan... I'm kind of surprised. And, as a typical C.C. fan, listening to the preview over and over has me stoked for it. ♥


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