Does anyone else recall way back when the new Geass projects were being announced that Kawaguchi, the Code Geass producer made a comment about he'd love see a version of Code Geass on stage? (I certainly recall it, just because of pirouetting Suzaku jokes).

Well, check out this year's announcement for Lelouch's birthday.

ANN has helpfully translated the relevant details: In April of 2012, there are going to be 13 performances over 9 days of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sōran Eve Matsuri (Riot's Eve Festival) at the Mozart Hall at Tokyo's Katsuhika Symphony Hills

More details and ticket pre-orders will be open on Christmas Day.

I really hope it's a musical.

The official site also has something up about Akito, if anyone cares to translate.
The Code Geass website has updated with an interview with Yoshitaka Kawaguchi here. Can anyone give a stab at translating it if there's anything substantial? (not using google translate please.) He does mention the Akito project.
Just FYI, but the Official Code Geass website has updated.

Nothing about the new Gaiden, as far as I can tell (They aren't exactly chatty on that, are they?), but there's a brief thing about that Tales of Graces game with the Geass costumes, and the Renya manga now has it's own page, with descriptions of the main characters, and summaries of the first four chapters. And pictures and stuff.

Looks like Code Geass: Renya of Darkness might be the official English version of it's title.
The official site officially "leaked" it on their official blog.

To rake up sales of the final DVD of course. =A=

Well, since they even bothered to "leak" it, you know it's gonna be big.

And the story of the final illustration drama is... )
Hi, as a lulu die-hard fan, I would like to post the most updated official relation tree to make everyone (I mean some) feel better.
I don't know whether it works, but for the sake of yourself and the coming weeks you've got to come over the reality,
I guess it does help a bit.

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I was thinking this hasn't changed, and certainly hasn't much, but...

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The official site has the new chart up.

Read more... )
On the official site, there is a link to a new service that allows you to make Lelouch and C.C. say whatever you want. XDXD

Koe Labo: Code Geass (Voice Lab: Code Geass)

Think of all the dirty talk you can make Lelouch say! )
Correlation chart on the official site's been updated.

don't click if you hate on spoilers or something. )
Information regarding the leaked images of R2 episode 5 preview have issued a statement regarding the above. Translations are welcome.

Sunrise's website for R2 is open. has a complete rundown of the second season, to be titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. With new promo images and information on the characters so far, mecha and upcoming events in mid March. Any corrections or translations are welcome.

All information and images from the first season are now stored at

Geass site just updated with a flash on season two. Just click on the top banner, the bigger one, on the official site and it'll connect you to the flash. It doesn't really show much about it, just pictures, same as the one shown in Newtype. Except Rollo's facing full forward this time.

Translated it says )

P.S. Update in the gallerys. OMG THE 2007 AUTUMN ONE IS TOO CUTE!!!! Although I wish they would show the full picture of the one with Lelouch and Suzaku sleeping...
Hey everyone! a non-sales post! The official Code Geass site has [finally] updated their gallery. Lots of potential icon pics, methinks. .^^

And a friend of mind heard that the second season might be starting in like January. Or did she say December? But in any case, winter season. Just a rumor, but yeah. I don't think it'd be smart to make us wait almost half a year again. .^^;
OMG! Have you guys seen the Chara Fortune figures for Code Geass?!?!?! They're ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahhhhhh~~~!!! They'll be coming out at the end of July. Perhaps I can snag a bunch in August. .^_________________________^ So want all the Lelouch ones! neko!Suzaku is really cute too. Hell, they're all cute!!! X.DDD
I'm not sure if this has been brought up before (and I did a cursory check of the tags).

I was clicking around at random on the official Code Geass site and discovered the 4 koma page!

Thus far, the comics only parody up to stage 14. XD I'm very much amused by the stage 7 parody.
Hey everyone! Don't think this has been posted before so~ Whoops! Apparently it has been posted before.... .^^;; Mods, would you like me to delete this post or just leave it? Sorry!

Have you checked out all the available Geass apparel and other stuff?
You can get Lelouch's jacket, Ashford Academy uniform jackets, etc. I'd kill for the black Lelouch tshirt! Sooooooo buying it if they still carry it this summer! Here's to hoping this isn't only an online thing.

Geass posters~~~~~
I love posters so this one's got me excited. I want the Lelouch one! (Of course. X.D) Some of you guys might like the one of C.C. or Kallen, hehe.

Oh, to be in Japan right now......

PS Did anyone by chance get to dl the special Geass wallpaper that was on the Japanese Pizza Hut site? I've got a link to it, but the content has been taken down so it gives me a 404. =.( *collects official wallpapers*
...Sunrise/Bandai is insane. Or very profit-minded. Your call.

The official site has updated....with new products. While we still don't have the USB drives we dream of, alas, we are now able to dress in LelouchFashion(TM) without bothering with all the cosplay creation schiz. Among other things. Perfectly official.

There are three sections here : Apparel, Accessory and Other Stuff.

Here is the Apparel section, consisting of that very familiar red jacket, T-shirts featuring prints of Lulu and Suza (Black & Blue), and school uniforms for your wearing pleasure.

In the Accessory page lies the Lancelot key pendant, another pendant bearing the Geass mark, carrying bags with Ashford and military symbols and wristbands with Ashford and Geass marks.

The Others section is easily explained. It's a set of posters, samples of which can be found in page yonder.

It's probably a little sad of me to say I want that jacket. *sigh* Everyone can now attain Lulu's pimphood! If you're in Japan, don't forget to impress your girlfriend with the pimp jacket!


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