Hey so I have roughly 50 doujinshi for this pairing but it’s my OTP so I can’t rest until I have every single one I am looking for. If you also have LelouchxC.C. doujin and would like to puruse what I have in exchange for letting me see yours, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message or any kind of contact method!!!

I have doujins by Creayus and Apricot Tea! I also have lesser known artist’s work!

Hello, everyone!

I am looking for someone who has read 'Lycoris radiata' (or someone who knows Japanese and is willing to help anyway; I think 'Lycoris radiata'is somewhere on kai.undo.jp). I am trying to read it. I can make out some of it. However, as I am still learning Japanese, I have questions! >.<;;

Basically, I am hoping to find some kind soul who would be willing to answer things like 'what does this mean' and 'what does that mean' and pretty much proofread every line (which is why I am hoping to find someone who has read it either by having the doujinshi or can navigate kai.undo.jp to find it if it is there) so when I ask what something means this kind soul will be able to answer me, knowing what the other text says, and will also be able to tell me if I am correct in how I have read the parts/sentences I think I have been able to grasp.

That all said… I'm not to hopeful for this sort of help because it is a rather large request. Still… I thought I would ask…

Thank you for reading!
Hello, I'm searching for the scans of a specific Cras Sola doujin (though I wouldn't mind anything from this doujinka)

It's called Lycoris Radiata, SuzaLulu. The basic summary is that Older!Zerozaku found Lelouch's reincarnation sometime after Zero Requiem. There is the entire doujin in the artist's site, but the images were low res and it was really hard to read the complex kanji (though there weren't many). I'd be happy if there was some higher-res scans around.

I know this is a hard request, especially since this comm is at all time low, but could somebody please help me? I really love it and would love to know the complete story.

454176And maybe because I plan to translate it with my horrible god-speak *shot*
So I received some doujinshi recently...

FUCKYEAH! 80 pound box of homo lovings. Japan you are AWESOME

I would like to share, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! That's right! I need you to tell me what has and has not been scanned! The one I own that I know is scanned I didn't take a picture of but I wasn't sure about these.

I also need you to translate the titles of these! How can I upload it if I don't know the title? Geass_doujin_1.zip? That would get so confusing! So titles and then we are good to go!

Yes, yes, I plan to scan them all in eventually but I go to school full time, work weekends, and have family obligations PLUS I scan for a number of different fandoms so PLEASE be patient! The sooner I know what has and hasn't been scanned and what the titles are the sooner these get cued into the scanning pile.

I have photographed them, fronts and backs, so can you help me? Ordered by pairing, then an image of the front and back.

Hello lovely Code Geass community!!! It seems that everyone plus their mother and their uncle have been selling doujins lately. Most of what I have seen though are either LelouchSuzaku or SuzakuGino with the occasional LelouchRolo or gang bang thrown in. I was wondering as well as hoping that someone way out there in this big community would know a place to get or is selling a LelouchShirley doujin? I only know the existence of two, and I only have found one scanned online, so I know this is a bit of a long shot but I would love to actually own one.

Anyone who points me in the direction of a seller will win my eternal love and anyone who is willing to sell me one themselves (at a reasonable price) will win that plus a cookie.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm looking for a doujinshi I saw that is based around the Episode 19 Island episode in Season one, that focuses mainly on Lelouch and Suzaku on the cover, with Euphy and Kallen in between them and smaller. The title and name of the doujinshi circle were in Japanese, so I couldn't read them, unfortunately, but it looked really cute... there might have been one English word, "Hash" or something similar, but I'm not sure what it was referring to. :/

I'm sorry, I know it's not much to go on, but I was wondering if this description might ring any bells, and if it's possible that someone could give me some information on where to find it...?

I would really appreciate it. :)
 Just wondering if anyone had any scans of any Code Geass yuri doujins. I'm sure there is some out there but I've had no luck yet ^^;
Preferred pairing: CC/Kallen but I'm easy ^¬^
And I can deal with Mature XD
Thank you~

[First ever post o.o;]
I like reading dou that's romantic, steamy, and passionate without being vulgar and crude. Unfortunately, most hentai I've seen is pretty nasty. Anyone know where I can find more tasteful material?
Hello again =D
I'm looking to buy a certain doujinshi however JP Queen hasn't had it in stock for a while, I still have it on my watchlist but I am kind of impatient and inconfident.
But first the data:

Because of the bird
Asaoka Natsuki / Tonase Fuki
Pages: 72
First Print: May 2008

There was one on Ebay this weekend and I was thinking of buying it but the shipping costs were way too high, I wasn't interested in some special (expensive) UPS service when Airmail can do the job just as good only cheaper.

But can anyone help me out with this?

And lastly I'm looking for more sites where I can buy doujinshi's with payment method paypal, right now the only site I have is Jp Queen as well as some friends here at LJ whos ell dj's occasionally
Can anyone tell me where I can find this doujinshi?
So someone made  this post which had an AsuranxSuzaku doujin link to it. It's not available now, and I was wondering if anyone could send me another link where I can read it?

Thanks in advance.

First post, btw. Like, ever.

I am looking for Schneizel/Lelouch and Clovis/Lelouch doujinshi, Schneizel (Clovis if there's any out there) merchandise, Jeremiah merchandise, and Knights Anthology 1 and 4.

Read more
Hey, I was wondering for a doujinshi request of the circle name Fuutakei(http://alice.moo.jp/fuukatei/top.htm) who does Suzalulu doujinshi which is R-18 beside Hime-Yuugi? Thanks
As said in the subject title. Doesn't matter if it's het or yuri.. I'll take it! So please, tell me where I can find some?
I am quite new to all this paypall bla and shipping, though finally someone helped me out with it and now I was wondering about this: where can I buy suzalulu dj's and pay with paypall, not sure if I have to keep recon with any shipping but that goes to Europe in case you have to know. I want to buy some stuff from Dalc Rose and Cou and most likely some others as well, but I got no links for that. Isn't there a big website community for yaoi dj's?

thank you for the help
I apologize for being a bother, but I've searched everywhere for this Suzaku/Lelouch doujinshi. Posting here is my last resort. 

Edit: Is everyone else not able to access  Cou's gallery?
I really like some SuzakuxLelouch doujinshi. I've been surviving on fanfictions and doujinshi's that are in Japanese and I can't understand. But I can't buy doujins cause my mom would find out >.> (Damm) I'm desprate! so if anyone can find a link then I should hug you, marry you, whataver (I'm taking desprate mesures!) please!!!
All Code Geass Fans I want request some doujin
this one )
May i requset for the folowing doujinshi:
from the Artist : "CLASSIC MILK+PEACE and ALIEN"
1.Sugar Drop2
2.Sugar Drop3
3.Sugar Drop4
4.Sugar Drop5

Plz if anyone own who the actual doujin or have scan of the doujin could u plz post it? Even if it was raw scan
Hi i'm not that new to LJ but if this is not allowed please tell me >_<  I just wanted to ask if someone can tell me where I can find some Doujinshi or Fanfic of the pairing Lelouch x Suzaku where Lelouch is seme........much appreciated >///////<


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