Hey so I have roughly 50 doujinshi for this pairing but it’s my OTP so I can’t rest until I have every single one I am looking for. If you also have LelouchxC.C. doujin and would like to puruse what I have in exchange for letting me see yours, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message or any kind of contact method!!!

I have doujins by Creayus and Apricot Tea! I also have lesser known artist’s work!


I am trying to get someone (I hope in France) who can answer a question for me. I saw the Code Geass novel R2 Turn 1 for sale on Amazon:


While the release date seems to be the date of the Japanese release, as best I can tell it is saying the book is in English. So, can anyone tell me if this book is in English (or French, for that matter). I do not want the Japanese version and an English version was never released in the USA. So, is there anyone who knows if this one on the French Amazon site is really in English?

Thank you!
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I have doujinshi to sell! Most are by popular circles and there are two anthology books! (The green background anthology book includes circles such as Cras Sola, 07KOUBOU, Tokyo Rox, Vi-Blast and others, as well as some novels! SOLD)
Here are pictures (ignore 5 that are the Code Black cloth)


Please let me know if you would like any of them!!

I also have a wish list here: (trading is preferred, but if they don't cost much I could afford to pay for them; money is very tight right now!)


I am really trying to find the Code Geass Wonderland pillow cover shown here for a reasonable price:


I am also trying to find, again for a reasonable price, the Dream Cushion Cover Lelouch. Either of these can be new or used. It doesn't matter to me as long as they look good and come from a smoke-free, odor-free home. ;)

If you have one (or both!) please let me know!
Thank you!

Hi, all!

I am trying to get the second volume of Code Geass Queen in English. I am looking to pay around $5 shipped. I know I have a copy around my house somewhere, but I can't find it. >.< Anyway, I am trying to get another copy in, preferably Like New condition so I have a copy to read while I try to find my other one...

I have all the manga, novels, and DVDs, but if you have other Code Geass items, I might be interested in purchasing them, too, to help make the shipping and cost of Queen 2 more worth your time. I give warning: I am picky, so please do not be offended if I don't want anything else you might have to sell...

If you have Code Geass postcards or clear files by Cras Sola, or the music box here:

I would be most inclined to buy them, as I am looking for them for reasonable costs.

I have items to trade, if you would prefer to do that. A list of things I have is here:


Thank you!!
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I have two photos here:


Does anyone know if they come from a book or a magazine? Anyone know where they come from and how I can get them?

Thank you very much!

EDIT: I've tried to tag it using different words or reentering the same word(s) and the tag never shows up...
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does anybody know the release date of code geass season three ????
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Hi, I bought code geass lancelot  conquista plastic model and yesterday i started making it with only one pliers, but it seems that im really not good at removing the parts from the plastic frame.  also pliers is not effective in removing those little bits of plastic that are left jutting out from the parts, some parts end up looking unclean so i need a help...If you are good at this or if you know of any other more effective and efficient method of doing this, please tell me. And please if you know any livejournal, entry or site of someone who is good at finishing plastic model kit please tell me.
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I was watching my R2 DVDs today and did something I usually don't do - I watched the ending in full. That was when I came across this:

I noticed that Lloyd's outfit in this artwork is different than anything I've ever seen him wearing in the actual series (as is mostly everyone else's except Rivalz's, but eh) and, noting that CLAMP did the artwork, became curious - does any artwork of Lloyd in that outfit exist anywhere else?

I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me.
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Hello ~
I'm relatively new to the Code Geass LiveJournal community but not new to the Code Geass fandom.
I've been dying to become more active in roleplaying anything Code Geass - related (particularly Suzaku, since he's easiest for me to play).

So, I've been wondering --
Does this fandom have a specific community dedicated to Code Geass roleplayers? Or does anyone out there want to roleplay Code Geass with me via LiveJournal?
If you want a personalized roleplay, I'm open to any pairings but my OTP for this series is SuzaLulu. ♥

If this is breaking any rules, I'll delete this post as soon as I'm notified! Thank you for reading. ♥
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Hello, I'm a staff member in charge of AMVs for CPAC (Castle Point Anime Convention) which takes place in Hoboken, NJ on April 11th. Time is running short and I still need AMV submissions. Therefore I was hoping that any AMV makers out there could submit some or at least spread the word.

To the Moderators: Sorry if this isn't allow, you can deleted if needed.
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So I received some doujinshi recently...

FUCKYEAH! 80 pound box of homo lovings. Japan you are AWESOME

I would like to share, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! That's right! I need you to tell me what has and has not been scanned! The one I own that I know is scanned I didn't take a picture of but I wasn't sure about these.

I also need you to translate the titles of these! How can I upload it if I don't know the title? Geass_doujin_1.zip? That would get so confusing! So titles and then we are good to go!

Yes, yes, I plan to scan them all in eventually but I go to school full time, work weekends, and have family obligations PLUS I scan for a number of different fandoms so PLEASE be patient! The sooner I know what has and hasn't been scanned and what the titles are the sooner these get cued into the scanning pile.

I have photographed them, fronts and backs, so can you help me? Ordered by pairing, then an image of the front and back.

Hi guys, I am looking for the source of this icon.

I am hoping said source is a doujinshi because if it is fanart, I will have to to cry and accept that I just cannot claim it. Can anyone help out here?

Oh and just to be clear, by source I don't mean the icon-maker. I know that part. I just want to know where the original image came from.
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So sorry for asking but does someone perhaps have the original image of this awesome Rolo icon:

I hope someone can help me^^
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I've recently came across these insanely adorable Rolo icons:

Would anyone know where either of the original images came from? I'd love to have the cuteness in fullsize. <3
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I have translations for this but not the sound episodes they come in:

NewType Romance After Stage - Shower scene (with Rivalz and Lelouch...washing each other)

any download links? thanks!
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Can someone point me towards Season 1 Sound Episodes (in the original japanese)? Most of the links are down now and the only ones I can find on youtube are English subs. Also if there are written translations, that'd be great too!

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I hate to be such a bother, but once I get into a fandom I tend to get quite obsessed about it and scour the internet in search of things pertaining to my favorite characters/pairings. XD;;

Right now I'm finding Rolo's loyalty to Lelouch to be insansely adorable, especially considereing his yandere tendencies, so I was wondering if anyone could please direct me to any LelouchxRolo fanart/fanfiction/doujins (NSFW is totally fine) as I'm having a difficult time locating such things. ^^;;; 

EDIT: <s>Additonally, I was curious as to where the following image originated: img180.imageshack.us/img180/1972/lelouchrolo.jpg Is it from an artbook or something similar?</s> Thanks to  <lj user=kay_willow>  and some more indepth searching I've discovered that this picture is from Yukie Sakou's Anniversary&Memorial. Would anyone know how to obtain this as I've found nothing so far and the art is absolutely stunning. 

Also, would anyone know of any reliable online sources to purchase Code Geass merchandise outside of the manga and DVDs?
Hello there community!

I'm working on an elaborate C.C backstory fic and I need some information.

Is there a general timeline of C.C's life? When she was made immortal, where she was at various points in history? I know she was born in medieval times and knew George Washington and Ben Franklin, so I've got some general ideas, but I don't know anything specific.

Any help is appreciated.
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I'm sorry if a question like this has already been posted, or if this isn't allowed--Feel free to delete if either of these are the case.

I'm looking not for translations of the Drama CDs--I'm looking for the scripts written in Japanese, so that I can read along and practice my reading skills. I don't know if any of them are written out, and I wouldn't ask anyone to do it--But if anyone knows of any such things, please let me know!

Thanks so much.
Okay, right now I am currently writing the Lelouch/Rolo manifesto and I need a little help. You see I am been racking my brain for a decent title to the manifesto but nothing comes up. So any suggestions?

Also, I am wondering if anyone has a bigger size image of this picture here.
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