Hey so I have roughly 50 doujinshi for this pairing but it’s my OTP so I can’t rest until I have every single one I am looking for. If you also have LelouchxC.C. doujin and would like to puruse what I have in exchange for letting me see yours, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message or any kind of contact method!!!

I have doujins by Creayus and Apricot Tea! I also have lesser known artist’s work!

So instead of getting my work done like a good student, I'm derping around the net trying to update my CG scans/image collection again. Since no one seems to have posted this yet, here's a new piece of official artwork from... somewhere (someone enlighten me please, and I'll update the info/tags on this post) ETA: there seems to be some confusion over the source magazine - it should be either Newtype or Animedia. I'll update the post again once I can confirm which is the right one.

HQ version available at yande.re (aka oreno.imouto, which was previously moe.imouto) here.

and if I may add: FINALLY, more boys in some decent artwork/linework! I will reserve my comments about what I think Rivalz and Gino are so fascinated with.
Thought I'd post this here since it's somewhat relevant, hope it's allowed :)

For anyone looking forward to Tales of Graces on the PS3, they've announced Code Geass costumes for four of the party members (sorry for the poor scan quality, I'll update with a better one when it's available).


So basically...

Asbel = Suzaku (as if we would have expected anything less, considering the seiyuu)
Sophie = C.C. (err...)
Cheria = Kallen (Okay that actually works)
Richard = Lelouch/Zero (Oh...oh dear XD)

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Kanameclan's blog has a preview of a lovely new illustration of Lelouch. I think it's from Newtype 9, but I'm not sure From Prince Animage Summer?
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So, it's around about the stage in the month that the anime magazine comes out. There doesn't seem to be any actual Code Geass news, per se, though there are a few (low quality camera images) relevant pieces I've seen.

First is some new official art featuring C.C. and Kallen in bikinis and Lelouch in the most ridiculous shirt ever

Oh, Sunrise... )

And this month's Newtype Geass article seems to be all about Suzaku (and the Lancelot), also with some new arts. But no new costumes. This is probably a good thing.

I am wondering what his pose on the left is supposed to be, though )

Better quality scans are always appreciated.

ETA: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nokiirat, better quality scans of both these pictures can be found at the links here.
sincere: DGM: Lenalee's back to the viewer ([cg-lelouch] headtilt)
Okay, based on this image, which is from the picture drama on the last DVD (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nokiirat!), [livejournal.com profile] libekory and I translated the text on the side of the images...

Image 1: In a Knightmare development laboratory somewhere in Japan. The Guren's right arm has been remodeled into a drill, with Kallen as the test pilot. The one responsible for this development is Rakshata. Even though there is no longer an imperial family to serve, it seems that Guilford -- whose eyesight has completely recovered -- continues to stand by Cornelia.

Image 2: The last time we saw them, they were near Britannia. Nina, Lloyd, Cecile are working at the same research and development institution. Arthur has been taken in by Cecile, who has brought him along. In front of Nina is a dubious-looking treat made by Cecile. Nina is on a long-distance call with Milly, who is still a reporter in Japan. Gino, who is no longer nobility and no longer a Rounds, has decided to go on a trip around the world, and seems to have just returned from Central America, from his attire.

Image 3: It seems that a little time has passed since the last time we saw the United Federation of Nations. The representatives of every nation represented in the UFN have gathered to for this conference.

It looks like they might be repurposing the Guren for construction work or something... Gino is a doof, as always. And who is that little blonde girl next to Nunnally?!
Sorry for late guys, here are the (incomplete) scans of Sempre, an anthology dedicated to Kanon.
The book is worksafe and the stories are all pretty cute ;3;
I decided to share only those that really look interesting, avoiding the crack stuff (hopefully [livejournal.com profile] miasmacloud will translate these for me us XD) ^^

All the stories imply Schneizel/Kanon, but there also other characters featured, expecially Clovis, Gino and Nina :3
...There's a story where Clovis Gino is a little kid while Kanon and Schneizel are high-school students--- *nosebleeds*

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0ZDCPEYI [PASSWORD PROTECTED! The password is Schneizel's Blood Type∼]
Book overview (sorry guys, there are other books featured in the post ^_^;): http://tomoe-daeva.livejournal.com/324833.html
Buy: http://kanon.is-mine.net/

Please, don't redistribute out of this community!

Enjoy ^_^
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reposted from [livejournal.com profile] rololove thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aya_kari

Larger version )

...it's like the creators aren't even trying not to make Rolo look like a fag girl. Lelouch, of course, looks as fabulous as ever.


I can't remember which magazine this was from. Someone know?

[EDIT:] Proof that I have entirely too much time on my hands?
Thanks to Aurelia Aurita from Animesuki for posting these. As the title says, these pics are about the special DVD for the birthday event.

nice ass, baby )
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Here I am bringing the promised Schneizel-centric goodness :3

Translations and scanlations are more then welcome and eagerly encouraged; feel free to re-distribute and re-share, just keep the credits there :3

Under the (real!) cut for downloads, previews and details... )

Yayz, HQ are here!

scans tiemz )
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From megami::

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Shirley looks weird a bit btw, or is it my idea?
If anyone can translate their bubbles, that would be epic. 8) //that just reminded me, how much of a pimp Lulu was, god 4 girls and counting. 8D

ETA: Translation of the bubbles::cut for translation )

-- credit to aurita from asuki {as SO usual} and to [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow for the translation ~
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Hi there!!
I've already uploaded many things to my lj so i think it's time to share them here, in code geass community lol. Little by little i'll be uploading more things, but, just for now, i'll be leaving you guys with these fanbooks, clamp artbook and other goodies. You can always check my lj for code geass downloads and otome games things.

Here, the links~~
CEllDX Stage Sweet and Joy + TV.
The Original Picture of Opening Movie and Installation Book.
Calendar 2008.
Graphics Zero
Zenryoku Fanbook
Graphics Ashford Academy
Format Material I y II
Rebellion Book I y II
Mutuallity: Clamp Works in Code Geass

Fuck, there are so many tags useless :SSSS i  hope have tagged this post well. Neither of them say "download" XD.
Anyway, please, download those  you did not  already have loool and prey attention 'cause i have more rar's scans to share wuahahahhahah *¬*.

Does anyone have full version of this lovely LxC???? I don't remember having seen this pic in any magazine or CG artbook before ^^

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Scanned a couple of my posters to share.
According to this post, they're images used in the 2009 Calendar, but I managed to obtain them as individual posters instead. Suzaku&Lelouch and Rolo are thus all that I have at the moment.
Some minor discoloration, and you can probably tell where I joined them together if you look hard enough, but I hope this pleases :3

cut for images )
Ok this is not the real thing but I doubt anyone would actually buy that ridiculously expensive material, let alone scan it anyway so this fanart is likely the only option atm :p Good thing it's pretty damn similar and even more gorgeous up close ♥ Anyone wants to print your own poster? XDDDDD


(http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/MEIMI/lc-kimura-tiaose-.jpg shared by [info]bobateababy16 )

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Or official scan of C.C.'s queen dress ^^


Who's willing to pay 21,000円 for this loveliness? XDDDDDDD

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Here's the scan for the 1/35 Guren Type-02 model box, as promised from my earlier post.
The scan of the Vincent frame and Rolo is available here.

under the cut! :D )
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Since I just got my old scanner working and I haven't seen this available elsewhere yet, here's a scan of the 1/35 Vincent scale model box cover, featuring just about the smexiest official Rolo art I've ever seen :D

cut for image )

I have the box for the Royal Coating version of Guren Type-02 as well, though one of the corners got a bit dented in its shipment. If anyone requests for it I'll scan it in too.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] rololove
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