As promised!

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You can also expect my shiny new YT channel to include a subbed LP of Lost Colors shortly. it says on the tin?

As with the previous post, not so sure whether folks are still here, but hey! I did a thing. c:

This script was included with the 5.1 ch blue ray collector's box set in Japan in 2015. Also included were interviews (which I'll get to eventually), and the Stage 0.97 Picture Drama, which, unlike Turn 12.06, was NOT included on the Funimation box set released in October this year. Sooooo I also did a translation of that! But for now, the script.

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(Hopefully I've tagged this correctly. Since it's a script for what was supposed to be an episode of the anime...)
So I was piddling around with the Picture Drama today, and I noticed something different between two translations in the last line of 23.95.

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Here's a translation to the Picture Drama 9.33. XD; It's pure crack.

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Episode 8.5 had some new footage - mainly at the very beginning (before the credits) and at the end, bofore them. Part of said new footage includes text~

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Let it not be said that I am not insane. If I have a pending paperwork due in tomorrow with 30 pages left unedited, do I do my work or do I fangirl anime? The latter option, of course!

Since I love Episode 6 so much and figure we should all share the love for such things, I've done a jury-rigged translation of Episode 6's dialogue. But don't believe in it too much. I did most of the work between 1 AM-4 AM and 7 AM-8PM the next morning, so you can expect that it's not going to be the best English I've ever wrote. My listening skills are hideously rusty, so I couldn't make out many places at all, and some lines don't make sense to me---this is the person to whom 「今は亡きマリアン皇妃が長子」 didn't make sense until the fifth viewing---and places where I'm not sure or a sentence is heavily paraphased to fit into English are marked with []. Including places where I don't understand outright, of course.

And so on forthwith to the crack!

EDIT : Swept up some confused lines from Japanese weblogs, and some of it makes better sense now. Articles so adjusted are marked with **.

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