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Name:Code Geass
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Welcome to the community for the anime series Code Geass!

1. This is a news and discussion community. Do NOT post sales posts or fanmade creation posts. (updated 11/2016)
2. Large pictures, lengthy rambling/text, NSFW posts should be under a LJ-cut.
3. All major spoilers should be put underneath a LJ-cut. Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted.
4. Please check tags, a few posts back and/or the date of your news/release so that you do NOT double-post/spam. (If you have additional d/l links, please just comment in the appropriate post.)
5. Please tag your post appropriately. If unsure, tag it under 'random'.
6. Please credit original sources of information.
7. Do not disable comments on your post; this is a "community". Such posts that do not allow feedback will be deleted.
8. Member-lock media-sharing posts and requests of the sort.

Posts disregarding more than one guideline will given a friendly notice and deleted, but feel free to re-post with adjustments. Inane and irrelevant posts will be subject to deletion. The community has mildly moderated posts. Look at livejournal's whitelist to see why your post may not be approved. (This is to prevent ongoing spam.)

The first season of Code Geass started on October 6th 2006, lasting for 23 episodes and 2 recap episodes.

A second season, R2, started April 6th, 2008 and ended September 28, 2008 with episode 25.

The 5-part OVA mini-series, Code Geass Akito the Exiled, started its theatrical run August 2012.

Links: - official website
Bandai Ent
10th Anniversary website

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