As suggested by [ profile] arsenfreya ... I drew this "all the things" meme to go with my screenshot mashups I posted previously.

It was kind of a milestone for me because I've been on a long hiatus from drawing. I'm hoping that Code Geass will continue to inspire me to get over my artblocks and that I can draw something more serious in the near future.
Me and photoshop have been up to no good again

*edit* Here's an A4 version
*edit2* Now on a tshirt!
Another contract Lelouch? )
I while back I posted my attempts to complete the Asylum Challenge using Code Geass sims, that was surprisingly well-recieved. So I thought I'd do it all over again, with new sims! Parts 1-2 now up!


Part 1

Part 2
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It's still October 24 where I live but I won't have time to upload this tomorrow, so... I'm here to celebrate Rolo's non-birthday with an extremely horribly drawn/written comic. I should probably feel more ashamed than Frankenstein about this creation...

Genre: Bad taste humor should sum it up. Also just this once it isn't exactly safe... I mean there's even a quote by Damon Gant in there somewhere
Characters: Mainly Rolo being a pervert, Asexualouch and *surprise* Milly! (<- also known by official!Rolo as "Seitokaichou", "Kaichou", "Kaichou-san" or "Milly-san"; duh, is he inconsistent...) Some other mini-cameos too. Do I ruin the characterization of everybody? Yes.

Image heavy ahead, right to left, enjoy if you can, etc. )

Oh yeah... Early happy actual-birthday to Nunnally too
played with lulu figma today...fiddling with flash XD, sharing pics! its near the bottom under fake cut~~

BRS!Lelouch! which i rename to BlackRockGeasser!

there rn't that many pics....but...enjoy? lolz =___=  click lulu for the rest...........................
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Since the previous two were pretty well-received, I present the final two parts of the Code Geass Asylum! Plus sim-downloads if you have any interest


Part 3
Part 4

Download Post

In case you missed it before

Also, since I'm planning on doing it again when I get round to watching R2, who would you like to see in the Asylum? (Both previous-Asylum characters and characters I haven't made are good). Who should be the controller-sim? Let me know! <3
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so, i was watching an old spice commercial and, well, i got... creative. so i decided to open photoshop and get to work. i hope you like it.

huge image under the cut )
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Delete if not allowed.

Those of you who are fellow Sims nerds may have heard of the Asylum Challenge. Those of you who haven't, it's a challenge where you place 8 sims in a house of limited supplies and you're only allowed to control one sim.
Rules in more detail here.

I think you can all see where this is going...


After just creating a group of CG sims I decided to be cruel to them and make them take part in the Asylum Challenge. So, if you'd like to see a bunch of badly-made replicas of some of the Code Geass cast acting out of character, today's your lucky day! I think.
So far two parts have been posted. Links below.

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy! :)
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Title: Passing Notes
Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
Rating: G
Setting: Before the end of R1 sometime, during a typical school day
Spoilers: none!
Warnings: none!
Summary: A short fic about Lelouch and Suzaku passing notes in class.

Follow me to the fic~
haha been awhile since i've touched anything in this fandom.....but kinda working with my figmas again and i'd like to share with all my non-existent seriously i hauled myself in my room for near a week doing this after i run home fm work ORZ i either am total fail or just horribly slow at one-manning this ;__; i know its not near psychotic tv commercial lv but.....lolz at the for the gay crack? HAHA

stop frame animation, just be friends (vocaloid) parody XDDDDDDD, its incomplete. click gay pic for video & production notes
rating: WORKSAFE
pairing: suzalulu

xposted to [ profile] suzalulu 
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I'm not very clear on what new marketing tricks Bandai is trying to pull, but here are Lelouch, C.C. and Kallen figures voiced by their respective seiyuu in a seemingly cracky video commercial they're calling Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 ~Romantic Variation~

Video link is here. Alternatively, just click behind the cut )

Translations/more info anyone?
Edit: Yes, the figures featured are the premium lottery ones, with thanks to info from [ profile] kitsune_no_ame and a friend.
Uhhhm, hi guys. Thought I'd entice you with some SuzaLulu fluff and crack. BEHOLD!

Title: Ever After and then Some
Characters/Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch, various others
Genre: Mild crack, fluff, MPreg
Progress: 2/~10 chapters; approx. 5000 words/chapter OTL
Rating: T/PG-13 (may move up to PG-15/16 for later chapters)

Summary: So, say Suzaku manages to save Lelouch after the Requiem. Lelouch retires to the countryside with C.C., and they all get a sort of happily ever after. THEN say Lelouch gets... pregnant?

Chapter 1: In which Suzaku finds out, and there are spoilers for R2
Chapter 2: In which Lelouch finds out, Suzaku is an idiot, and Lelouch gets quite, quite embarrassed

cross-posted to [ profile] suzalulu. Sorry for spammage - to those who have me on their f-list especially - but my many thanks to them at the same time for providing all the initial feedback! :D

Comments/reviews are, of course, most welcome. Hope you like! ♥
This is what I get for taking a nap in the middle of the day I miss out on getting first punch! Any ways I blame [ profile] drakyndra it was her request that got this started ;)


Whoa there Batzaku! )
my billy figma came today....i put zero's head on his fabulous body.......this is what happened.........many more will come later haha.....tokimeki geassssssss


I don't think I've seen this posted here... sorry if it has been XD

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Alright, I would like some constructive criticism on this. I'm working on a crack video of Code Geass R2. The video does have spoilers in it so please be aware of this before you watch it. If you haven't seen the end of the second season and don't want it ruined, don't watch it.

Thank you for those who spent time to watch it. :)

(Sorry about the tag, I tried to tag it correctly)
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This is so beautiful. :'D Enjoy!
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I'm not sure if this video has been used before, but if it has, no harm in spreading the crack fun a bit more, yeah? XD

WARNING: Possibly NWS for ReallyBuff!Lelouch~ XD )

... and now returning you to our regular programming. XD
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