For Fukujun/Lelouch fans, Jun Fukuyama's Romantic World 31 website has updated with album samples, a video clip and more info.
(Haha being lazy and copying this entry directly from my gay blog)

I came across THIS WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL BLOG ♥ with a transcription of one of the Code Geass events (in December), featuring FukuJun, Daichuu (Mizushima Takahiro) and Kawaguchi (producer). Tried to translate as much as I could, but as always, I'm bound to make mistakes as the n00b beginner I am OTL. YOU CORRECT ME OKAY?

Sorry if it's too heavily Rolo-centered... It's not my fault! Blame his voice actor xD

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Hey everyone!
did you know that our favorite voice actor Fukuyama jun actually won lot of awards this year!!...i mean until this month.
I didnt see someone posting this information, so i decided to do instead,BUT if this post is inappropriate then feel free to delete it.

SO guess how many awards he won!! )
You know Sora Kake Girl? It's a new Anime by Sunrise, the first episode was released on 5th Jan. and I really burst in laughter when I saw that robot with the exactly same voice as Lelouch, it's not just Jun Fukuyama, it's LELOUCH (uhm...well yeah if u know what i mean). Is this some kind of a spoof made by sunrise itself?

To see/hear funny Fail-Robolouch
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Hi everyone! Fukuyama Jun just created a blog. And it's his birthday~!


Blog -
LJ feed - [ profile] fukujun_blog

So many comments already. X.D The boi's popular.

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Hey everyone! Haven't posted about it in a while but I've continued to upload R2 no Heya every week. Unlike Geass no Heya for the first season, R2 no Heya alternates seiyuu every 4 shows. This week is Koshimizu Ami's (Kallen) last week. Before her was Yukana (C.C.), Midorikawa Hikaru (Xing Ke), and Mizushima Takahiro (Rolo). Wonder who they'll have next... I'm hoping for Sakurai Takahiro (Suzaku)! But I'm wondering if he's decided not to show up, or maybe he can't (because of the whole scandal thing some time ago), since he voices such an important character but has yet to appear. Hmm~ (EDIT: Oh ha, maybe they'll have Wakamoto Norio (Charles)! LoL.)

Anyway, as always, you can watch the "episodes" here:

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Production Baobab has an entry with pictures of Fukuyama and Koshimizu cosplaying their characters. Well, Fukuyama not-so-much but he's got Zero's mask.

Also, there is a report for the event by Famitsuu up.

I totally didn't imagine the vocalist of SunSet Swish to look like that. .^^; Sakurai's hair is.... meh. But it's not as bad as Miki's. .o_O;; WTF happened there??? He's not part of the Geass cast either, but Miyano looks cute cosplaying Setsuna.

And here's an event report by Dengeki.
(Photos in this report will only be up for a week so make sure to save them if you want to keep them!)
Hey everyone! A few days ago I posted info about a project I'm putting together to mail Fukuyama Jun Code Geass Part 1 DVDs. Now I've got more information up so please take a look and if you're interested in participating, please fill out the poll so I know who will be participating and in what way. Thanks!

Head on over to THIS POST for all the info!
(If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the entry linked above so I have everything all in one place. Thank you!)

Most significant change is that I'll be accepting letters for all Geass cast members who work for Production Baobab: Fukuyama (Lelouch), Sugiyama (Rivalz), Koshimizu (Kallen), and Mizushima (Rollo).

PS Also have another project to send Aquarion Season 1 Part 1 to Terashima Takuma if anyone's interested in joining that as well! Info is at the same post. Thanks!
It's up, it's up! Finally~ On Amazon USA that is. It seems it was up on the Canadian site first, anyway~~ Cheaper than RightStuf! (Free shipping!)

Volume 1 ($16.99)
Volume 2 ($16.99)
Part 1 ($27.99)
Part 1 LE ($51.99)

Okay, so I have a project.... to send Code Geass Part 1 to Fukuyama Jun (voice of Lelouch). I do this once in a while, sending R1 DVDs (with region-free copies) to seiyuu so they can hear their roles in English. (Yeah, most dubs are meh but I think someone in the business has a different way of appreciating voice work.)

Anyway, basically, help pitch in to pay for the DVDs and shipping, and send along any letters people may have for Fukuyama. You can either help pay, only send a letter, or do both!

Cost for the DVD + Priority Mail shipping to Japan will be about $55. Any amounts are welcome! I can accept pretty much any form of payment... PayPal, Google Checkout, money orders, cash, whatever. (There are fees for credit/debit contributions, however.) As for letters, you would send them to me and I'll stick it in with the DVD. It can be written in English or Japanese, or any other language for that matter. It's the thought that counts and I'm sure he'll appreciate knowing that he hands fans all over the world. Um, hand-written letters (they're more personal than typed ones), please, and that's pretty much it. =.3 Oh, and I won't read your letter btw. I'll only open if it I need to, like if you have it in a separate envelope, otherwise I'll just stick it in the package directly.

I've done this before with Hatano Wataru (sent him Yumeria, which was his first main role) and he actually wrote about the present on his blog. Maybe if we're lucky we can get a little blurb on the Baobab blog? X.D

Anyone who's interested, please contact me either via LJ PM or email. Thanks!

PS Letters for Sugiyama Noriaki (Rivalz) may be accepted too since he also works for Baobab.

[ EDIT: Forgot that Koshimizu Ami (Kallen) and Mizushima Takahiro (Rollo) work for Baobab as well so I'll take letters for them as well! ]
I was reading the comments on the first dubbed episode stream when I came across a couple of comments about how American males, as a norm, don't have deep enough voices. The younger ones, anyway. This sparked an interesting thought in me head.

But since it's rather lengthy, imma gonna put it behind a cut. )
Hello! R2 no Heya #2 is up on YouTube at cheesekun. Since I don't want to make an entry about this every week, you can expect the latest "episode" to be available every Friday, or around that time, unless they take a break (eg. have a recap ep). Feel free to subscribe to the channel.

Also, it seems the first season of Geass will be released in Blu-Ray format beginning later this year.

Looking forward to episode three this weekend! =.D
Hi everyone! Geass no Heya is back! Except it's now R2 no Heya. .^^
I'll be continuing to upload these clips onto YouTube at cheesekun. For now, the first "episode" is up. Enjoy~!
If this has already been posted, then stab me and delete this post.

Spoilers for the last episodes if you squint... )
Okay. Bought my Asuka August 07 issue because [ profile] sakura_watanuki doesn't have a scanner and I didn't know [ profile] saorren was able to get her own copy. XDDD

Scanned JUST the cover+back cover and seiyuu interview (Fukuyama Jun/Lelouch and Sakurai Takahiro/Suzaku) pages.

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Maybe I'll post to [ profile] seiyuu and [ profile] drug_holic later on. xD;;
It should be right after the eps 24+25 premier event ^^ Featuring Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch) in a Zero mask, Yukana (C.C) with cheese-kun, Koshimizu Ami (Kallen) in Ashford uniform, and Sakurai Takahiro (Suzaku)... with a Brittania flag =/ (cut your hair, Sakurai-san... -.-)
a bit late (again) gomen!! This week's guest is Koshimizu Ami-san (Kallen)

biglobe version with no drm

and obviously JunJun is going to do that girl impression in the "shouting in the girl's locker" section along with Sugiyama-san XD;;; and Koshimizu Ami-san said Kimoi! XD (disgusting) while Non-tan said "Don't say Kimoi!" XD

you'll also get to hear JunJun making fun of Kallen's chara song name (since Koshimizu-san said it gives a "strong" feeling, Fukuyama-san starts reading out the name in a "strong" tone... umm??)

anyway enjoy XD

edit: ...17 downloads and no comments... thanks :(

Code Geass Hangyaku no YamaYama DX #14 [2007.07.08] BiGlobe no drm

Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch Lamperouge)
Sugiyama Noriaki (Rivalz Cardemonde)

That was last week's. I got this week's from Bunka Housou but it wasn't recorded very well and the last part (with Fukuyama Junko and Sugiyama Noriko + Sugiyama-san's tsundere strawberry milk drinking imitation) was cut off (dammit!) so I'll just make another post when it's upped on monday... *sigh*

another random note about Fukuyama-san (I heard from the rental magica radio) he said he makes cookies =w= *runs for the irrelevance*

Oh oh ya I think Koshimizu Ami-san (Kallen) will be guest next time in YamaYama DX ^^
minna san... Lulu is actually a princess with hairy armpit~!

biglobe version with no drm

random fukuyama-related pimp... (or trivial)
- 2007 is the 10th year of his debut as a seiyuu...
- other than code geass, he will be main in another anime in fall (?) called rental magica; his character is called Iba Itsuki
- rental magica has a radio show too... (and from the first round of the radio, itsuki sounds reeeaaally different from Lelouch... (duh) XD)

hope it's not too irrelevant >.>


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