Hi fellow CG fans! I was wondering who to ask and thought that this might be the best place to do so as I'm looking for some official art by Sunrise (posters I think?) which I've seen before but have lost from quite a while back. One of them is a sort of shippy poster featuring Suzaku and Lelouch (who uhh, has no pants on and is blushing furiously coz the other has his hands on uhh, one of his thighs yep :U) which I first stumbled upon on a random livejournal user's page a few years back (I think she mentioned it was being sold at an anime con?) Another one which I'm searching for is a Suzaku & Lelouch illustration where they're wearing glasses (or rather, trying to wear them for one another :/) Thanks in advance for the help!


I always miss out new releases of CG/any figurines. By the time I find out, the pre-order dates are usually already closed.

Can someone advise where I can go to get timely information of upcoming CG/any figurine releases?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps a longshot, but I've been looking for some chara fasteners. Does anyone have a Suzaku, Cornelia or Euphie they'd be willing to sell? Does anyone know where I could buy them?

Thanks for any help you can give!
I know its unlikely, but if anyone is willing to sell me any doujinshi from the following circles for a fair price, please contact me here or with a message.  I'm on a REALLY tight budget, but I must have them! <3

- Fylus (especially in ENGLISH)
- Fuukaitei
- Double Slash
- Kashi
- oj

I am going to be really picky on price/style, so please don't get angry with me if I turn you down. ; __;

Thank you in advance!
Hello. I am in a sort of a small dilemma and hope that a kind soul may give me some guidance. ^^;

I have been looking for a particular Lelouch/Zero figure for the past few months, and after much frustration, been quite unsuccessful in my search.

I have included a pictures of the figure below my ramblings. If someone knows where I can buy this lovely piece of work online, I would be eternally grateful. m(-_-)m


I hope it wasn't a limited edition figure or something... (0_o)
Thanks in advance!
Maybe not all at once, but I would like them. I'd love it if you could hold them for me for just a bit, too.  I live in the US 39503 and I would like to pay with paypal.  Please tell me what you'd like for them!

In order of wanted.
Project BM! Zero
G.E.M. Lelouch
Prop Plus Lelouch (and matching Suzaku)
Meister Lelouch
If you have any more Lelouch figures, please let me know! I'll let you know if I'm interested. I'm also interested in Garage Kits, painted (with pictures given) and unpainted.

Feedback journal!

You can see what I already own here.
Most desperately I am seeking a reasonably priced LEGIT version of  this suzaku  (I am also interested in purchasing the matching Lelouch, depending).  There are TONS of bootlegs of him out there, so I'm having a really hard time with this one.

If anyone knows where I can find this garage kit, I would be eternally grateful. I found him on SMJ but he was in a set full of grody female GKs.
Another garage kit
Figure Meister ♥ (w/o Zero Mask on)
Ex-portraits Version 1
Romantic Variation  ♥
idoll KotR version
Lelouch Zero Version Project BM!

♥ if it has this heart, it means I also want the Lelouch equivalent for Katnekochan.

I'm also interested in this particular doujinshi right here  > www.ecrater.com/product.php 
I would also like a clearfiles and posters featuring only him, or him and any of the other boys.  Not interested in any featuring any of the female characters!

Thank you for looking!
Within the past week, HLJ has declared Project BM Zero discontined, which has broken my heaaart.  ;_____;  I was planning to order him soon, but now I cannot. D;  Anyone know where I can get one or anyone willing to sell theirs? XD  I'd prefer it if he came with a box, but as long as he has all his pieces I'd be perfectly fine.

Or, does anyone know if there's going to be a rerelease of him anytime in the future?  I think some places have gotten more of the Lelouch in his school uniform, so is that possible?
I'm looking to buy this figure, but I can't seem to find him anywhere.  XD  Can someone help me find him?

Please help me. ; ] )

This post was kind of copied from last time I was searching for him.  ^ u^;  But my search has been renewed~  D:

Hey, Community
Well, I was wondering if anyone was selling one of these lovely Lancelot USB's? My boyfriend "BADLY" wants one. He's majoring in Computer Science and since its a USB he will LOVE IT..also because he loves Code Geass... loves Suzaku's Nightmare...Anyway I want to try to get him one >^< but I live in the U.S so I have no idea how to get my hands on one. So if anyone is welling to sell one with Paypal that would be great.

It will help too if maybe someone can show me the instructions in English on how to get through the checkout and order one
Hi everyone,
I was wondering where I can get Rolo's phone strap. I was sure that they sell it and searched but couldn't find anything. Then I saw a photo of one so now I'm even more convinced that there must exist such a merchandise item. But I didn't find anything on ebay or yesasia.com
Any ideas???

If this post is not allowed, feel free to delete it
I hope it is okay to ask about this.

I'm looking to buy this figure, but I can't seem to find him elsewhere.  XD  Can someone help me find him?

Please help me. ; ] )

I was wondering, does anyone know any other place other than e-bay, that has the set available? Cause alright, as much as i love my Geass-milk, i am not sure i would want to spend half of my paycheck next month for that one, which is currently 220 bucks. /damn your milk Sunrise

I checked amazon.jp, and i found no results. So i thought i would ask here, in case someone knows better or something.
Hello everyone! Ive recently started to collect small Code Geass figures (think the size of a speaking iDoll) and, even though ive searched all over the internet I can't seem to find one of our dear girl Shirley. I was wondering if anyone knew of a Shirley figure of that size, speaking or not, available for purchase. If you happen to be reading this and own a figure, I would be willing to buy it off you for a reasonable price if you are willing to sell it. Or if you know for a fact that this figure doesn't exist it would be wonderful if you could tell me so I can stop looking.

I thank you all in advance for any information given.
Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have the front of the old 2008 CG calendar. I know this is a strange request but I love that picture and would be willing to buy it off you for a reasonable price. I'll also buy the whole thing if you are unwilling to part with just one page.

It looks like this -> http://gallery.digik.net/view/14718

Does anyone have this? I have a friend (a huge Rolo fan) who had her Doki Doki mascot phone strap on her phone. It was broken just recently and she wants to get something new to show her love for the character.

It's difficult to find a replacement strap online, and I was wondering if anyone has the Prop Plus Petit Rolo figure? It comes with the locket and she's just dying to have it. I'm not really expecting many hits on this, considering how impossible to find it is now... But if no one wants to sell theirs, could someone maybe please point me in the right direction as to where I could find one?

I see that most Code Geass Prop Plus Petit figures sell for about ten to fifteen dollars online, and I would be willing to pay $30 USD or more should someone be willing to sell their Rolo. The price is negotiable.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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For various reasons, I just received the LE part 3 today, and I wanted to know if anybody got their copy with the digipak case for OST 2 or a full-size jewel case/case art for OST 3, or if the first press was released in half-width jewel cases too. If there are "normal" copies out there, if anyone's interested in selling them to me I'd be glad to purchase it from you.
Now i know any chess set for a piece can be used, but i thought i heard somewhere isnt there like an official Lelouche Chess piece for sale somewhere?
Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me out on a couple things. There's a figure I'd like to track down, and I'm also wondering if I can get some translations on a couple things. :D;

Questions under the cut! )

I hope I'm not asking too much. Thank you all in advanced!

Hi guys,this is my first entry here so I hope I'll do everything right XD
Does anyone know how to get the Code Geass calendar of 2009 in Italy? Or even in Europe,I don't really want to spend tons of money on shipping over from the US ç_ç
Thank you everyone!


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