This community's membership will be temporarily moderated until the ad spammer problem dies out. I understand this is a problem in other communities, too, and it has already been reported to LJ support. Though their reply is lacking any solution, hopefully, they are fixing the problem.
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Hi all,
Just as a reminder to those unloading their Code Geass gear here. Please read the community guidelines. This rule hasn't changed. Do not spam the community by announcing a sale more than once in a 2 month span (Please do not think you can get around this by deleting your previous posts. By now, we're pretty familiar with who is continually selling stuff).

And another reminder to use lj-cuts if your posts are lengthy (more than 2 small paragraphs).

Thanks. Looking forward to when we can get back to exciting news and discussions. :)
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i didn't notice we hit 5000 members at all @___@;;

the last time i updated the tag list was when R2 first came out, and now of course there's a ton of new characters and pairings... with no tags for them. i was going to go through the whole 'others' tags to find what needs new tags and all, but i figured asking you guys would be faster ♥

so suggestions for new tags or anything related to the current tagging system :D
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just a small reminder to all members, new and old: tags can only be created by mods.

so if you type in your own tag, it won't show up in the entry ^^; if you start typing the tag, most of the time the rest of it will appear, so there's really no excuse to mistype it. and a small tip: there are no spaces after the colon in any of the tags with colons :P and there is only one tag for one pairing. lelouch/suzaku = suzaku/lelouch, as far as tagging goes.

i'll be doing a minor tag clean up in easter/summer, so please just use the 'others' or random tags to deal with stuff not under the current tags >__<;;

*goes listen to les miserables again*
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for the people who know where the main picture is from, i'm sorry.. OTZ
and yes, normal!suzaku + cow body is scary. will happily re-do it if you can find a better image to put in :(
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Hi everyone,
It seems imageshack ate our community header again.
Does anyone have it in their temp files or anywhere?

Thanks so much in advance.

Thank you Aurelia!
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If you find your post gone, please read the community guidelines.

I will no longer comment with warnings for people who post spoilers that are NOT UNDER A LJ-CUT. They will be deleted as soon as one of the mods sees it. (Remember: Not everyone can watch an episode the day it airs).

You are welcome to repost with a lj-cut.
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Reminder to the newbies:
Please do not double-post. This includes discussion posts. I know everyone wants their two-cents heard, but many of you are commenting on the same episode items. Please consider joining in an existing discussion before creating a new one.

Also, please make sure all spoilers are under a lj-cut.

...again, guidelines here.
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I kinda missed out on some of the stuff in a previous post...
Anyway, play nice please.

Read the community guidelines.

ETA: N00bs, please attempt to tag your posts.
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in the past few days, i've seen a number of posts where media-sharing (new episodes, online streaming etc etc) have been left unlocked, some posts that haven't been tagged, off-topic commenting etc etc

please for the love of UCL, remember to check the guidelines before you post, especially people new to the community. especially these:

7. Please tag your post appropriately...
11. Member-lock media-sharing posts and requests of the sort...

i really don't need to stay up this late *looks at time stamp and sighs*, waiting for someone to lock their post or tag their post.

i actually shouldn't stay up this late anyways, i have exams to take...

pimping [ profile] code_gayass because i can :D

any physicists here willing to give me a crash course in waves and forces? :D
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short but important mod post.

for future episodes, we could apprecipate it if the menclave's raw stream wasn't posted in the episode posts.

the reason for this isn't because we hate them (WE LOVE YOU ♥ I LOVE YOU ♥), but because of conflicting rules. when the streaming link for episode one was first posted in the comm, menclave requested (?) us not to put the link in a locked entry, so they could see what's going on. but of course as we all should know, all media posts need to be locked in this comm.

so we (I?) figured we should just say no to menclave's raw streams being posted here. i'm sure once the season goes on everyone will know where to look for streams, so there wouldn't be a need to post it here.

*waits to get shot*
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The new mods of [profile] cg_media  will be [profile] shisama  and [profile] x_reggg !

There will be a temporary restriction/ban on icon posts and rpg promotions here while the new season airs. For some reason these posts make up over 25% of the posting and very, very few people comment.

Please head over to [profile] cg_media  for all your media needs and requests. Enjoy.

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Just a reminder that you have a week to submit your entry for the layout contest.

Anyone working on it? Let me know if you need an extension...cause we actually haven't received any entries. -_-'

Submit here.
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Just a reminder that submissions for the layout contest are being accepted until March 16th.

Submit here.
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Hey, the community is getting a tad spammy with the icons posts recently.

Here're a few guidelines, so the community and your flist doesn't look so cluttered in the future (especially when the new season gets rolling).

1. Use lj-cut for your lists of shows/series.
2. Preview 3 Code Geass icons and lj-cut the rest. (I think I saw a couple posts a while back where the member didn't even preview Code Geass icons)
3. Credit fanart sources (do NOT use their art if they have a disclaimer on their page).
4. Please refrain from posting icon posts when there is an active discussion.
5. Tag the post 'graphics:icons'
6. Icon posts are banned while the series is airing.

FYI, there are [profile] code_geass_icon  and [profile] cg_media communities where you can post to your hearts' content.
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In preparation for the new season, we've decided to hold new layout contest. Last time we had a new layout was when we celebrated the 1000 member mark over half a year ago. Many thanks to [ profile] felicius_rex for making the previous 2 layouts--she is the reigning champion, ya!

~ must be user-friendly and contain the same menu & link options as the existing layout.
~ must work in IE and Firefox, on PCs and Macs.
~ if there is an image, it must not be more than 200px high (so when you view the website, you can see the first post and links).

Deadline (probably the end of March) and submission detail will be posted later, but this is just a heads-up in case you'd like to work on a layout and have exams coming up. ^_^
[ profile] code_geass is now affiliates with [ profile] gundam00 because Lelouch is the Celestial Being.... We'll have tea parties with them.

Maybe we should affiliate with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, too. (screencap from the recent episode 3). The show obviously knows what Geass fans want.
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Hi all,
We've still got a few months to retag (the dullest activity in the world), but everyone can tag their posts with existing tags now. Mods will add new tags as needed.

Tag list - new and improved and hopefully helpful.
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random mod post:

for those of you who have been posting to the comm, you'll find that you can't tag. i stopped normal members from tagging so that i could focus on tagging without new tags, but it turns out i'm taking longer then expected.. stupid revision

once i'm done with all the re-tagging, i'll reopen back tagging with the so-called guidelines :D
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