Hey so I have roughly 50 doujinshi for this pairing but it’s my OTP so I can’t rest until I have every single one I am looking for. If you also have LelouchxC.C. doujin and would like to puruse what I have in exchange for letting me see yours, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message or any kind of contact method!!!

I have doujins by Creayus and Apricot Tea! I also have lesser known artist’s work!

Does anyone know when Mao's birthday is?

My friend and I came across three fanart on Pixiv (here, here, and here) and they're all happy birthday pictures, all posted on January 1  (he really does suit being a Capricorn), and all by different artists. I'm just wondering where they got this information that his birthday is on January the first. I was always under the impression that we never find out his birth date, so is there supplementary media that supports him being born on January 1?

Update: Okay, two of the artists replied back to me and one of them said that his birthday was published in the September 2008 Animedia. So if anyone has that issue of Animedia, I guess they can check for proof...

It's also here


So Mao is older than Lelouch!

Update 2: The third artist got back to me and said that this info could be found from the CRITICAL ZERO book.
Hi guys! I apologize if this has been asked before, but: in the anime, during the Lancelot's launch sequence, Suzaku typically says something like, "Activate/Activating M.E. Boost." Anyone know what the M.E. stands for, by any chance?

I know, seems like a silly question, but it's kind of important to me, so Any help would be very much appreciated! ^_^
hey guys, looking for someone to do a roleplay psl with ♥ i'm open to pretty much anything (though i'd like to keep the pairing suzaku/lelouch, though maybe suzaku/gino :D) and i can be contacted on AIM or MSN. comment here if interested :)

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I'm guessing this is a fanart or a manip. However, I still wanted to ask, just in case, since I might have skipped some part of the anime while watching. The pic contains some SchneizelKanon undertone, so I thought it safer to be under a cut. Please, do tell me if it's against the rules, although I've read them before posting. Thank you.

Cut to screencap/pic )

ps.- Are the tags alright?
I just recently found out that some characters wrote a poem which was included in the DVD. I tried looking for the poems but I only got a copy of Shirley's from animesuki. I've read there's also from Kallen and even Kaguya. I'm not sure about the other characters.

What got me into this: (Kaguy's entry from Code Geass wiki ; Trivia section) "Her poem in the Code Geass DVD reveals that she mourns Lelouch and wonders what would have happened if they had knew the true Lelouch earlier on."

I hope someone could share a link or copy of these poems. Thank you in advance!
Wow, it's been a while since I've played this game; I nearly forgot I even had it!

After putting the game back in my PSP, I realized I was missing a few CG's, and was kind of surprised the completionist in me let me put this game away for so long.

It's not that many, but I can't figure out how to get these for the life of me. If anyone knows how to get them, please help, because now since I remembered, it's driving me crazy! D:

Thumbnails to prevent ugly layout stretch )

(If this is against the rules or something, go ahead and delete this. I'm half expecting it to be...)
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Somebody tell me there's still some kind of ACTIVE kink meme. Please?

Damn you, CrunchGear, why did you link to this article? (WARNINGS: NSFW, might cause permanent brain damage.)

[x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] code_gayass due to excessive crack. sorry for the f-list spamming.]
This entry on the Code Geass wiki piqued my curiosity, specifically with this quote:

"In the first diary segment, which takes place during the sixth episode, Sayoko meets Suzaku for the first time, and apparently has a hint of affection for him. When Sayoko hears Suzaku's voice with Lelouch, she tries to call him, but overhears them saying that they should not been seen together, so that nobody will know about their relationship. Sayoko thinks that Suzaku is romantically involved with Lelouch, which completely devastates her."

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is Sayoko upset at thinking Lelouch is gay/unavailable, or Suzaku, or both? I fear I'm being afflicted with Sayoko/Lelouch and Sayoko/Suzaku fanfic plotbunnies...
The local bookstores in my area that carry manga have listed Lelouch of the Rebellion Volume 8 with a release on August 10th; this is also listed on Amazon's page for the book, but I have not been able to find the book in any store and Amazon now says that the book is out but needs 'two to four weeks' just to ship.

Has anyone managed to find this volume in a store in their area yet? I apologize if I sound demanding (I don't mean to be) but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I really would like to finally have the complete set of them.
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I just made a new lockscreen/background for my iPod touch out of this fanart and I wanted to share :3

nya~ )
So, fair warning, it is a bit slashy in the Suzaku+Lelouch vein -- but I colored someone else's lineart on a friend's request and it turned out really well and I'd love to be able to properly post it, only... I feel guilty, since. Not my lineart. I'd never try to take credit for said lineart, but.

I assume it's Japanese, but friend of a friend found it on 4chan, so. You know, no guarantee. I'm just really hoping someone here will recognize it and have the site bookmarked, so that I can email the artist and ask for permission.

Lineart below the cut!

Suzaku/Lelouch lineart; does anyone know where it came from? )
Hi all! I have a question whose answer has been eluding me despite my efforts prowling Google, so I was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction. It's for a fic I'm working on: that is, does anyone know when (around what year, etc.) the "pact" between Charles, V.V., Marianne and C.C. took place?

Anyway, I haven't been in this fandom all that long, so my apologies if this question has been resolved before. But, anyone who can answer it for me will have my undying gratitude!

Thanks for your time!
I'm in the process of writing a few CG fics, and I need some help with the timeline.
At series start, what season was it? And at the time of the ZR, what season was it? >_>; I couldn't really tell since the students don't have different uniforms for summer/winter. I don't remember this ever being actually stated in the anime itself, so... if anyone have any guesses, it would be great.
Another thing. What are those knives/short blades that Xingke use called?

Thank you!
Hi, guys! --I stumbled across certain pics featuring Schneizel and Kanon in these school uniforms:
Read more... )

I was wondering if they ever showed up in the series or a fanwork--? 'Cause I don't remember ever saw them wearing that as kids :/
I'm starting an AU fanfic in which Lelouch dies before the start of the series, and I'm trying to figure out the sequence of events with respect to Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunnally between the beginning of the Britannian invasion and their parting.

Read more... )

PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!! i really want to know whats the song used in this code geass vid..it is said in the description that its title is koi (love) by Oku Hanako but i think koi isnt the song's title cos i cant find it anywhere. <.< its not koi tsubomi either.. man SOMEONE PLS TELL ME WUTS THE SONG. damn. i commented on the vid like 3 times already but i cant wait any longer.. I WANT THE SONG BADLY.

Well i would like to know whutever happend to that new picture drama? i mean it i was supposed to be released on lulu~chans b-day which past and i was looking forward to it ;_;.... and any new news on R3 or even if that is rllly true? bluh srry im just a little lost with all this new stuffs appearing out of no where xD thx for the help! ~<3
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Does anyone know the story behind this image? It appears to be a magazine scan, but I don't know from when or whether it's a new one or not. It's in the same vein of the articles they were putting out throughout R2, but I haven't seen it before. If it is new... what's it mean? And if it isn't, when was it put out?
Hello all! ^^

I'm new to the community and I'm wondering if someone could tell me where this scan is from? I'm aware that it's from a magazine, I just don't know which one it's from. Image is here courtesy of moe.imouto.org.

Am planning to cosplay that version of C.C and it would only be proper that I know which version I'm cosplaying haha...

Thanks a lot! ^_^


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