FUNimation has licensed Code Geass and Code Geass Akito the Exiled for domestic release. (Bandai had previously released Code Geass on DVD). Lets hope for Blu-ray releases this time!


Barcode Geass: Lelouch of the Sale will be released in tankouban form April 25th, this week!


Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya #4 is also out...but I don't think many people are reading that.

I'm a little slow, but you can see the Nunnally in Wonderland trailer at The bandai site didn't allow overseas viewers so I didn't link there before.
There's some new work announcement in this month's Newtype Ace magazine and maybe another announcement in next month's magazine.


Sounds like a new manga, but there seems to be Akito teasers.

More info at [houani's blog]. Any help with translating the info would be appreciated.

ANN has translated some info. It is just teasers for now.
◾ Tags: has news that the third season of Code Geass will (possibly) air this winter (thus, the new merchandise). No word if Code Geass: Bokoku no Akito is still the title.
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During the Sunrise panel at Otakon this weekend, there was an open Q&A with Sunrise's anime producer/General Manager of Overseas Development, Masayuki Ozaki.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the new Code Geass spin-off series?

Ozaki: I knew that question was coming. The uh, next season of Code Geass is behind schedule. They're working hard. We're looking forward to releasing it next year. And it will take place in the same world as Lelouch except with different characters. And, the stage is set in Europe, so we'll see a lot of European countries. The new directer is Kazuki Akane, the director of Escaflowne.

[credits: ANN]
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The Code Geass spinoff I don't think anyone saw coming!

Barcode Geass: Lelouch of the Sale.

It's a new 4-koma manga in the 4-Koma Nano Ace magazine (which apparently only started recently - it's on its second edition, the first having come out two months ago) in which to quote ANN, "the manga re-imagines the anime's title character Lelouch Lamperouge as a part-time convenience store worker." The original story is credited to Okouchi and Taniguchi.

The only question I ask now is: Where are the scans?

ETA: Well, I've found a scan of the first page. Hopefully the rest turns up too, eventually.

Thanks to someone in the ANN comments, I am now imagining this as Code Geass meets Clerks, which is an odd visual.
Everyone on twitter keeps linking to this rumor (also here). Maybe someone here can decipher what it says?

New Code Geass pachinko machines! Sorry, I guess it's not that exciting.
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So, blotty from asuki forums, translated the last things Lelouch said in the Kiseki event, before he went being ghost-ish again ::
So, reposting Blotty's translation of Lelouch's final messages from the Kiseki event :

for lulu's final messages, baw moar. )
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lavaliere: (❝cg❞  ⇨  along for the ride)
Newtype May 2010

今月から新連載「GEASS EXTRACTION」スタート。

New serial "GEASS EXTRACTION" start this month.
"New Code Geass" anime new cut is publicized in page 187

Images behind cut )

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know that Code Geass has been nominated for a few awards. Majiko's Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion manga has been nominated for best editon. Code Geass (anime) has been nominated for best original series and best editon (collector's box 1). The anime and manga nominated are the French versions.

You can find all the nominees here.

Hope CG wins!
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The official website has updated with information regarding the Birthday event DVD. It will be released April 23rd.

Cut for details )
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Just saw this on 4chan and Sankaku Complex (site NSFW); there's a magazine scan with more info about the new Code Geass project, and it looks like it will be a full tv series.

Low-quality scan behind the cut )

Sadly the scan is so poor that I can't actually read much info, but there's something about a "new birth." Probably not a continuation, but a remake of the original series?

Edit: ANN has part of the scan with info about a possible musical.
Until we get higher quality scans I don't think we can get more info than this right now.
According to the official website, Producer Kawaguchi Yoshitaka said the new project involves manga adaptations, music, goods, and video works.
From MAL
Code Geass Official Site
I'm assuming "video works" = new anime

Also, from the Newtype January issue, there's going to be a new manga series serialized in Shonen Ace.
Cut for scans )

Title: Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya (from ANN)
Left: The Mysterious Man
Center: Renya
Right: Reefuu C.C
More Images: 1 / 2

Starring a NEW main character, Renya, the adventure of “Code Geass” unfolds once more. A new manga script writer, Goro Taniguchi, makes his debut with the newest “Code Geass” project serializing in the monthly magazine, Shonen Ace. A manga series with Taniguchi, the director of the anime, writing the script, and Tomomasa Takuma doing the artwork. “I show much gratitude to both the head editor of Shonen Ace and the manga artist, Mr. Tomomasa Takuma. I’d like to take on this project as a challenge, being an inexperienced manga script writer,” says Goro Taniguchi.

The long-planned project finally comes to materialize. “The new project, ‘Renya of the Dark,’ will be an episode within the ‘Code Geass History.’ There will be stories from two different eras in the same world. The anime featured the ‘Lelouch of the Rebellion’ chapter, and we see this as the ‘Renya of the Dark’ chapter.” This “Code Geass” will be expressed through manga. READ THE REST HERE
Courtesy of gg.

Thanks to dtshyk for the scans/tanslations/info
Just a short update, if you go to the official website, there's a short flash 'hijack' with the same message and image from the previously posted mobile site.
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Moonphase just linked to a new page announcing a new 2010 project HERE.
..A new geass..long awaited...geass again!!!

Anyone else wanna take a stab at translating it?translation.

The jp bloggers are also pretty excited about it.

ETA: Happy Birthday Lelouch!!!!
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I decided to post this, mainly because 2ch rumors are almost always true.

2ch rumors

・Railgun gets 2 seasons
・Stike Witch Season 2→2010 Feb
・Big Windup! Season 2 coming next spring
・Gintama TV Series ended→The first Gintama Movie
・Corpse Demon anime (Fuyumi Ono )→April
・Code Geass New series
・New Armored Trooper Votoms anime
・House of Five Leaves Anime→April
・Hakuouki Anime→April
・MAJOR Anime→ April

Just quoted someone from NF. Ehm, please let this be true T_T
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I checked the Official Website and saw that a link to the Code Geass Official Fan Club was given last Tuesday



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did u all remember that today is was "zero requiem" day?
well i went to the official website and found...

news under the cut )

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Looks like we have some interesting Code Geass news coming up in Newtype 11 which comes out next month, October 10th.

-the above is a photo of the preview page in Newtype 10.

Feel free to share any news/rumors. (Hopefully, it's not just another piece of merchandise) :)
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Although the title says "Code Gears" and not a very convincing cover (so far)...

Priced at £34.99 at available on 12th October 2009 on 3-discs.


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